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Danger Girl

Danger Girl Danger Girl
by THQ

Platform: PlayStation
ESRB Rating: Teen
ASIN: B000035YC5

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• 3 playable Danger Girl characters, each with her own unique abilities and attributes
• Explore 14 levels in six different environments
• Dozens of weapons and spy gadgets to use
• Original story line that takes place between the first and second story arcs of the comic book
• Dual Shock controller support

Product Description: Characters from the Danger Girl comic series by J. Scott Campbell and Andy Hartnell come to life in this 3-D action-adventure. In Danger Girl, you play as one of three sexy, adventurous, feminine agents with a wide array of weapons and spy gear. Choose between Abbey Chase, the blond team leader; Sydney, a sharpshooter from Australia; and a character who is new to the series. You'll travel all over the world in 14 levels and explore vast outdoor and indoor areas in six different environments. The game features a wide variety of play mechanics and numerous prerendered interstitial scenes that advance a story line that takes place between the first and second story arcs of the comic book.

Customer Reviews:
danger girls, April 5, 2002
Reviewer: A gamer from usa mankato mn ...
it is a very good game to play when you are bored. so have fun with this cool game as much as i did

Danger Girl rules!, March 4, 2002
Reviewer: kismetshortstep from Seville, Ohio
I would have liked for the game to have more fluidity and a few other moves to make it easier, but I can't help but give anything--and I mean anything--J. Scott Campbell does anything but five stars! It was actually a bit more challenging--I've had people ask me which is better, DG or Tomb Raider, and I really can't say. I just wish the motions were a little more fluid is all. There are some moves, however, that I wish Tomb Raider had--like one where you can put your back to the wall and move up to the edge and leap out to shoot, like in a real movie. That's very helpful. It's a real challenge and even the cheat codes are challenging--you have to earn them by finding them hidden within the levels. But I can't imagine how anyone is expected to defeat most of the villians without cheats, since they have way more energy and it's almost impossible to both avoid their hits and shoot at the same time. I had a heck of a time even with cheats.

But I loved how they made it so reading the comic helps you defeat Major Maxim. I don't think I would have figured it out as fast if I hadn't been such an avid DG fan. J. Scott Campbell rules!

One of my favorite things, being so devoted to J. Scott Campbell, is that each and every level has a brand new specially drawn introduction picture by J. Scott Campbell. I am still desperately trying to get the DG Sketchbook, which has all of these pics printed in it, or so I hear. But good luck trying to get your hands on it at this point! lol

I had to speak up because I saw someone saying that the story isn't like the book and J.C. (the chick in the red sports bra) just comes in out of nowhere. I was to understand before the game or the seventh issue came out that the DG game story takes place after the first story arc (which ended issue seven) and the second story arc in the book. I think I read it in Wizard Magazine or Playstation Magazine or something. My only complaint was how similar the two stories are.

this game could use some improvements......., October 19, 2001
Reviewer: korn6565 from USA
I love a good challange in a game, but this...I dont think so. My first complaint is the saving. You can only save after you complete a level and I have died endlessly trying to beat the levels! Some saving points in the middle of the levels would have really been nice. Also, where did this chick in the red sports-bra come from? She isn't even featured in one Danger Girl comic. The comic only had seven issues that where released by the year or years (Some people even had time to make this game during the time spand of after issue 6, but before issue 7.) And if you have time, go to your local comic store and buy at least the 7th issue of the Danger Girl comic to see how different the story in the game drifts from the real thing. I think the people who made this game figured that there would be no issue 7 so decided to make up their own storyline to complete the story. Then Danger Girl #7 came out in stores and showed a magnificent ending/way to start another series. I have always been a fan for the Danger Girl comics since they started to be released, but sadly, I'm not a big fan for the game.

Great Comic Tie-in, February 8, 2001
Reviewer: Timothy E. Jones from Phila., PA USA
For the fans of the Danger Girl Comic series this is a dream come true. It reads like a chapter of the comics -- except in a playable game format.

Okay, so the controls get a little stiff at times, especially when you're trying to target a Hammer dude and he's already shooting at you, but a skilled player can worl their way around that.

I liked this game so much that I played it through THREE TIMES IN A ROW.

Okay, yes there are similarities to Tomb Raider, Secret Agent and James Bond (Did anybody take notice that the old guy looks and sounds a lot like Sean Connery?), but that's part of the fun.

My only real complain about the game, is that they could have made the graphics between the movie sequences and the actual game closer in style.

Some clunky points, but great concept and tone., October 23, 2000
Reviewer: Derek Mok from New York, NY USA
Danger Girl is basically another Tomb Raider/Syphon Filter clone. While the mechanics of Danger Girl can't compare to Syphon Filter's highly intuitive, instantly comfortable controls, it has to its advantage a cast of great characters, good artwork, enjoyable voice work, and the Danger Girl franchise, which gives this game a more varied backdrop than usual. Unfortunately the controls are really quite hard to grasp -- the "toggle" quality of the crouch and aim options (most games, Medal of Honor and Syphon Filter, let you aim only when you hold down the button, which makes more sense) makes controlling your character all the slower. And your character onscreen really moves at a pathetic speed, so that most of the time evading enemy attack (and spotting the enemy in the first place) becomes annoyingly difficult. What bugs me the most is the lack of a checkpoint system in this game, and the environments often are not what they seem -- eg. you can see a crack between the tree and the wall, but you won't be able to move past it, and your character will "freeze" if she hits a surface). I still find Danger Girl a fun experience, and it looks and sounds good (especially the cinematic sequences and the spunky voice work). Not quite the meisterwerk that Syphon Filter 2 was, but still good playing.

Poor woman's Syphon Filter/Tomb Raider, October 22, 2000
Another example of a great idea that was poorly executed. Plays like a cheapened version of Syphon Filter or Tomb Raider. Like Tomorrow Never Dies, the wrong people got the rights to publish this title. Poor play control, medicore graphics, and insanely difficult mission goals. At least I only paid $30 for it :)

Here's a game to Chase those boring afternoons away, September 25, 2000
Reviewer: rmadillo from Shoreline, WA USA
If you're a fan of the comic book you won't be disappointed with the presentation of our favorite Danger Girls in this 3rd person shooter. To add a little extra to the experience (and for buying this game) Campbell and Hartnell fans will get the chance to see the manual exclusive sketches as well as be introduced to JC - the newest Danger Girl. All loading screens are also original so you aren't going to see these anywhere but here.

There's nothing really new about the 3rd person shooter, however, the opportunity to play Abbey, Sydney and JC makes for interesting adventuring. Each character has special skills which you'll get a chance to utilize. The graphics leave much to be desired for the most part. Its easy to get stuck behind an object and not have a way to get out - luckily there is the auto save option. There is also an auto-aim feature if you don't want to fiddle around with having to aim yourself although you can shut that off for more challenging situations. There are plenty of hidden items and you'll have to put two and two together for some adventures. Its not just a shooter - you'll have to finish some "quests" in order to proceed and be prepared to act quickly. Enemies are fully aware of their surroundings. If you keep this in mind, you will be less likely to just saunter in to a situation that will prove fatal. You will have picked up night vision goggles early on so use that to your advantage! Radars and stealth abilities will be your ally - practice makes perfect.

Overall, its not a bad game. Its easy to bite the dust the first several times as you get used to the controls. Danger Girl fans will find the game a great addition to their collection.

Releases and Girls, September 13, 2000
Reviewer: Kristoffer R Remmell from Erlanger, Kentucky United States
It may be me, but who is that third girl on the cover? It might have to do with the fact is that they can't get the issues out. Even this game was subject to countless delays. You do have to say that they put some time in on this game.

Lets hope it's more frequent, June 21, 2000
Reviewer: A gamer from Eralnger, Ky
Well anyone how has bought the comic knows about their problems of getting it out. I can't even remember how many months ago the last issue they released. Don't get me wrong i like the comic and the art is good, but they really need to improve how often it comes out. All we can hope for is that in this game we don't have to wait five months for each level of the game.

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