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Alien Resurrection Alien Resurrection
by Fox Interactive

Platform: PlayStation
ESRB Rating: Mature
ASIN: B00002STI6

• First-person action-adventure game, inspired by eponymous movie
• Combines problem solving, strategy, and action elements
• 10 levels feature multiple walkways, galleries, rooms, and underwater areas
• Play as Ripley, Call, DiStephano, and Christie
• Weapons include pulse rifle, flamethrower, electric gun, and grenade launcher

Danger Girl Danger Girl
by THQ

Platform: PlayStation
ESRB Rating: Teen
ASIN: B000035YC5

Characters from the Danger Girl comic series by J. Scott Campbell and Andy Hartnell come to life in this 3-D action-adventure. In Danger Girl, you play as one of three sexy, adventurous, feminine agents with a wide array of weapons and spy gear. Choose between Abbey Chase, the blond team leader; Sydney, a sharpshooter from Australia; and a character who is new to the series. You'll travel all over the world in 14 levels and explore vast outdoor and indoor areas in six different environments. The game features a wide variety of play mechanics and numerous prerendered interstitial scenes that advance a story line that takes place between the first and second story arcs of the comic book.

Dino Crisis 2 Dino Crisis 2
by Capcom USA

Platform: PlayStation
ESRB Rating: Mature
ASIN: B00004XOM1

• Sequel to the popular horror-survival game
• Fight off vicious man-eating dinosaurs
• Use 2 weapons simultaneously
• Spin-and-shoot feature allows you to cover more area
• Several weapons to choose from, including automatic rifles and tasers

Dino Crisis Dino Crisis
by Capcom USA

Platform: PlayStation
ESRB Rating: Mature
ASIN: B00000K1VE

Your most primal fears grab you on this new journey into survival horror from the creators of Resident Evil and Resident Evil 2. Suspicious and terrifying... the world's most renowned scientist has disappeared and you've been recruited to investigate on a mysterious, remote island. Suddenly, out of the mist appears a predator, which has haunted mankind's imagination for centuries... experience pure terror! --Beautifully rendered graphics in a fully 3-D polygonal environment. --Photo-realistic, chilling graphics add to the already heart thumping storyline. --Match wits against the most terrifying creatures that ever walked the earth. --Control the fate of special tactics agent, Regina, as she searches for the missing Dr. Kirk.

South Park South Park
by Acclaim

Platform: PlayStation
ESRB Rating: Mature
ASIN: B00000K1V2

Comedy Central's South Park is under attack! A mysterious comet that approaches once every 666 years is headed toward the town, causing all sorts of mayhem. The turkeys are revolting, Cartman's mom is kidnapped by aliens, and the town cows are going mad! Kyle, Cartman, Stan, and Kenny have to save the day (if Cartman ever wants his mom to make dinner again!), armed with a host of gadgets ranging from cow launchers to fart dolls. Special features include: five episode based one-player adventures that makes players feel like they're in actual South Park episodes! ,hundreds of hilarious soundbytes created specifically for the game, South Park goes full 3-D!, crazy gadgets include a Cow Launcher, an Auto Egger that uses a live sniper chicken, and Mr. Hankey (the Christmas Poo)!, dozens of multiplayer environments set all over the world of South Park!, play as Kyle, Stan, Cartman, or Kenny or any one of your favorite South Park characters!, and a host of classic supporting characters: Terrance & Phillip, Big Gay Al, Mr. Garrison (and Mr. Hat), Mephisto and more!

The World is Not Enough The World is Not Enough
by Electronic Arts

Platform: PlayStation
ESRB Rating: Teen
ASIN: B00004UG9A

This James Bond adventure needs a bit more shaking and stirring before it can be a standout among the current breed of console shooters. It's not that The World Is Not Enough is an awful game--it just seems that the world's favorite superspy, despite his many gadgets and guns, just doesn't compete with recent offerings like Medal of Honor Underground. 007 isn't known largely for bursting into rooms with guns blazing, mowing down millions of baddies; so, many parts of TWINE require stealth and cunning, instead of an itchy trigger finger. Sadly, most enemies can't shoot straight, and, if you move quickly enough, they'll forget that they ever saw you trying to break into that high-security area.

Tomorrow Never Dies Tomorrow Never Dies
by Electronic Arts

Platform: PlayStation
ESRB Rating: Teen
ASIN: B00002R28M

Expectations ran high for this game, due to its exciting, eponymous movie and the exceptional Nintendo 64 James Bond game GoldenEye 007. And while this game presents the variety and intrigue one would expect from the beloved licensed-to-kill, martini-sippin' spy, it would have benefited from a bit more polishing. Don't expect this game to be on par with the games and movies that preceded it. In fact, if you're looking for a GoldenEye-like experience for the PlayStation, you'd be much better off with the WWII period piece, Medal of Honor. Tomorrow Never Dies uses an auto target mode, but it's far too restrictive to be of use here, requiring players to stand still in order to keep the target locked. The game loyally follows the film, but when the action intensifies--such as a hot pursuit on skis, or flying a nuclear warhead-laden jet out of a hot zone--players are forced to either relinquish control entirely or have minimal input.

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