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Army Men Land Sea and Air Army Men Land Sea and Air
by The 3DO Company

Platform: PlayStation
ESRB Rating: Teen
ASIN: B00004YKI8

3DO's Army Men franchise is a successful one, with more than 20 games, related books, and numerous merchandising tie-ins. However, despite this success, the games themselves are never any good. The visuals are usually poor, the gameplay is contrived, and the fun factor tends to peak upon your tearing open the wrapper. Bearing this in mind, 3DO is back with the latest in its Army Men franchise, Army Men World War: Land, Sea, Air for the PlayStation. It's been barely seven months since the last Army Men game, but more surprising than its timeliness, Army Men World War: Land, Sea, Air is actually a good game. You read correctly: 3DO has created an Army Men game that's fun to play...

One Piece Mansion One Piece Mansion
by Capcom USA

Platform: PlayStation
ESRB Rating: Everyone

If you've ever dreamed of managing your own building, this new Capcom game may make you change your mind. The game casts you as the manager of a large mansion, and it's your job to keep the already ultra-neurotic tenants happy. One of your tasks is to arrange room assignments so that incompatible tenants don't stay next to each other for too long. If they do, ensuing problems may cause you to lose a room, a tenant, and the rent money. While One Piece Mansion is basically a logic puzzle game, its presentation and frenzy caught many eyes at the E3 show. It certainly might scare you from becoming a landlord. --Mark Brooks

Sim Theme Park Sim Theme Park
by Electronic Arts

Platform: PlayStation
ESRB Rating: Everyone
ASIN: B00003CWH5

Step right up to the main attraction! It's your very own theme park! Complete with all the fantastic attractions, crazy coasters, and loony visitors of your favorite getaway, Sim Theme Park delivers unbeatable thrills, laughs, and surprises. Start by selecting your theme--Space Zone, Lost Kingdom, Land of Wonders, or Halloween--then build your park as you see fit. Not enough salt in the fries? Add more! Lines too long at the go-cart track? Build another ride! And why not add another loop to that roller coaster? It's your theme park, run it your way. Just be sure you're making money and your staff doesn't go on strike.

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