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Martian Gothic

Martian Gothic Martian Gothic
by Rockstar Games

Platform: PlayStation
ESRB Rating: Mature
ASIN: B00004T4YP

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• Set on a Martian base in 2018
• Complex, layered plot line
• Non-linear puzzle structure
• Intense encounters with grotesque beings
• Complete control of 3 main characters

Product Description: Ten months after the Vita base lost contact with Earth, a three-member investigative team has been sent to Mars to investigate the problem. The team quickly finds that a plague has stricken members of the Vita crew and turned them into zombies. And the investigators have discovered that they, too, have been infected.

In Martian Gothic, the investigation becomes a race against time and the ravaging effects of the plague. Since the three's survival rests on their ability to work separately on the problem, you'll need to act as all three members, switching between them to solve the mystery while fending off attacks from undead Vita crew members. You'll explore the derelict base and the surface of the red planet as well as go deep below its crust to find the ancient malevolence that's killing you.

GameSpot Review: TalonSoft's recent PC action-adventure Martian Gothic: Unification is benefiting from a number of things, come this July. First and foremost, the game is being ported to the PlayStation. Second, the title is being shortened- for PlayStation gamers, the title will be simply Martian Gothic. Third, the game will be similar to Take2's Spec Ops and Grudge Warriors, in that it will sell for the very competitive price of $9.99. Reviews of Martian Gothic: Unification have been lukewarm, for the most part. Though many praised the game's emphasis on puzzle-solving as opposed to combat, it was in the simple and uncreative nature of the puzzles that critics found reason to complain.

Martian Gothic takes place, as it happens, on Mars. You control three characters who are forced to explore an abandoned base located on the red planet, and each character will travel alone (as per the orders gleaned from the demolished base's last recorded transmission). Characters exchange items via vacuum tubes, which are dispersed throughout the complex. Such exchanges are essential to the solving of puzzles and the general flow of inventory. Expect to encounter your token survival-horror themes (slow, lumbering foes with a hunger for flesh, etc.) as well as some oddball humor scattered throughout.

Martian Gothic will take place from a third-person perspective, and it is said to feature typical survival-horror combat conventions: slow pivots, enemies en masse, and a real shortage of bullets. For adventure gamers on a budget, this $10.00 puzzle-heavy adventure might just hit the spot. Check out our review of the PC game, and check back here for more information as its July release approaches.

Customer Reviews:
thinking about it? don't bother, October 19, 2000
Reviewer: Jarrod Morrison from Omaha, NE USA
awkward controls, lame plot, and horrible storyline......

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