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Army Men World War

Army Men World War Army Men World War
by The 3DO Company

Platform: PlayStation
ESRB Rating: Teen
ASIN: B00004R9IN

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• 15 intense battle missions
• Based on the popular Army Men series
• Wage war in realistic WWII-style environments
• WWII weapons and vehicles add explosive firepower to your arsenal
• Air strikes and paratrooper drops add strategic elements to gameplay

Product Description: War has been declared and it's up to you to lead the Green Army in a vicious battle against the Tan Army nemesis. Carefully guide your troops through a deadly barrage of enemy fire in over 15 intense missions. Track your way through World War II-themed environments, including beaches, jungles, war-torn cities, and abandoned countryside. Tons of weapons are at your disposal: call in strategic napalm air strikes or a swarm of paratroopers, or pierce enemy plastic from a distance with your sniper rifle. Only the best military minds will prevail in this blazing battle of ground-based infantry.

GameSpot Review: As if the plastic-soldier carnage in Army Men 3D weren't enough, 3DO is back in an even more over-the-top sequel in Army Men World War. The plot of the first Army Men is similar to this game's - the Tan army is on the warpath, and it's up to a lone Green-army soldier to defeat it. Unfortunately for you though, you happen to be that soldier. Sure, you're told you're getting backup, but that never really happens in this type of game. After an initial cinematic, the game quickly launches you into the meat of the conflict. You find yourself on an enemy beach, charged with the task of taking a Tan encampment's radio communications. Succeed in this mission, and you'll progress up the beach, through the jungle, and into the heart of Tan-army territory. Armed with only a rifle, a bayonet, binoculars, and unlimited bullets, you face 16 frenetic battles.

Initially, the controls seem simple enough. Use the directional pad to move, press X to shoot, use R1 to zoom in, and use the triangle and square buttons to cycle through weapons. Unfortunately, sluggish response coupled with restrictive environments quickly unravels this simplicity. The time between tapping a direction and moving is too great, and it's far too easy to get stuck behind even the smallest of objects. When the heat's on and you're surrounded by five or six enemy soldiers, the tasks of aiming, switching weapons, and attacking become a frustrating mess of tangled fingers. Besides control issues, progressing through Army Men World War's levels is akin to playing Tomb Raider, without the requisite cliffs, caves, and crevasses. Each mission's goals are distinctly spelled out, and a comprehensive terrain map ensures you'll never become lost. Within each level, you can also acquire grenades, explosives, mortars, bazookas, and a variety of other war-waging tools. Helping to lift the game out of its cookie-cutter status, some missions also require a bit of strategy to complete - for example, avoiding enemy contact or finding the best route for outrunning a fleeing jeep. While it's no 3D war sim, and the experience is entirely too linear, Army Men World War is at least a bit more diverse in the gameplay department than previous Army Men titles.

Furthermore, melting enemy soldiers with the flamethrower can provide countless hours of sadistic enjoyment. Although the negative effects of hit-and-miss controls on gameplay is common these days, rarely do a game's graphics have such a detrimental effect on gameplay. However, in Army Men World War's case, that's exactly the problem. Given, the toy soldiers' character models are both amusing and decently detailed. Given, the jungle backdrops and scenery are ample enough to exhibit realism. And yes, the interstitial Plastic Toy News snippets between battles are gleefully amusing. These are all positive aspects, one must concede. However, everything is too freakin' dark! If it were only the realistic shading of the dense-jungle environments, things wouldn't be so bad. However, the entire game's visibility level is one of dark, darker, and darkest. Maybe it's the required use of dark greens, olive drabs, and earthy brown colors, coupled with an overuse of black. Maybe it's the fact that small tan soldiers hiding in brownish areas are near undetectable. Regardless, even if you crank your television's brightness and contrast up about 20 ticks, the game's still too dark. Furthermore, if you do this, then you'll begin to notice the game's texture warping, so either way you lose. What you end up with is an average-looking game brought down by overall light level - ouch. Although there are problems with the plot, gameplay, and the graphics, Army Men World War does excel in one area - sound. Gunshots are both loud and alarming, tearing through plastic soldiers as if they were Mars bars on the receiving end of a George Foreman binge. The sound of explosives is particularly impressive, giving one the urge to overuse these devices. The utterances the enemy soldiers make when walking, grunting, and leaping are also a delight to the ears. Furthermore, the background music is adequately varied, and it is majestic and awe-inspiring in that way that only war anthems can be. Frankly, not since the Guns of Navarone have the sounds of war been this good. What you get with Army Men World War is a decent sequel to the original Army Men 3D, but one that's only barely superior. There's decent variety in levels, the two player flag mode is fun, and the reward value for completing the game is high, but the game's overall replay value is simply drawn through the mire by inadequate control, murky graphics, and cookie-cutter plot. Had more time been spent on the game's graphics and gameplay, Army Men World War might have turned out to be more than just a good premise wrapped in an average game.--Frank Provo

Customer Reviews:
Never seen anything like it!, April 13, 2002
Reviewer: mary_ray from Columbus, GA USA
Ok, Im not Mary Ray, Im her son, But anyway... WHAT IS THIS GAME, IS IT A LEGEND?! I have never, in my entire life, seen a cooler army game. I am in love with this game. Ah, we first met when I went to rent Tony Hawk 3. They didnt have it and I noticed all these army games and asked my dad if we could rent this one because World War would attract attention ya know, and he said yes. As soon as I started it I couldnt believe my eyes! Its so cool! Sure level 4 is a little hassel but you get through it. And as far as what most of the other reviewers say about the graphics, my response is: Dark? Hah, my [rear]! Overall its a great game and I highly recomend you to get it... unless your one of those other bozoes who think its [junk].

Great game, October 8, 2001
Reviewer: Gamer LISTEN TO THIS! from CA USA
Army men world war is definetly a good game the only reason other people do not like it is because they cant get to any of the good levels ..., some of the levels are very hard like the last level is impossible, but its a game that is very fun. the graphics are not bad at all but if ur use to Plastation2 graphiscs u wont like them. it is exciting and a challenge if u do not have all levels code but i definetly recomend this game to everyone that likes WII games. (get all levels cheat from gamewinners than spending money on a gameshark.)

Good Idea, Good Game, December 3, 2000
Reviewer: A gamer from Long Island, New York
Army Men : World War is a OK Game, one of the better in the series. To the 12 year old from New Jersey, Why do you complain about Gameshark, where do you see "Needs Gameshark" on the CD Case? Besides, you should have asked around, Gameshark is a third-party non-licensed accessory ( and KNOWN, not rumored to screw up games)

Anyway, AM:WW is a good enough game if you like Army Men, however, if you want the better of WWII games, go with either of the Medal Of Honor Games. Rating: Good For fans, Medal Of Honor better in WWII games. Also Army Men World War Land, Sea Air is a LOT better than this game, because of all the different things you can do (Gunner on a bomber plane, etc.)

I wasted my money, November 18, 2000
Reviewer: A 12-year old gamer from Rumson, New Jersey
I had never played any army men games before and heard how great they were. I heard about this one and it sounded cool. I can't beleive I actually spent $25 on this. First of all it is so hard and almost imposible. I had to spend another $20 to buy a gameshark and the codes didn't even work. This is the most frustrating video game I have ever played. The graphics aren't good. The 2 player mode is very dark and I could barely see where I was going. The weapons look great and would have been if I got to use some of the good ones but, you have to get far into the game to actually use any good weapons. I have gotten to the 4th level and can never get past it. In the 4th level you have to sneak into a prison camp and shoot open a lock on a cell then escape and have at least one man survive. That was imposible for me because there are guards ALL OVER shooting at you and you don't even know where the helicopter is that you are to be picked up in. Overall this game was terrible, maybe it would have been better if I got to more levels. My advice is to not waste your money on this like I did.

3 reasons NOT to buy this game, November 3, 2000
Reviewer: Benjamin K. Potter from Columbia, MO
#1 - VISIBILITY. I had to screw with the brightness on my television just so I could see the opening screen right. Everything is in a million shades of green, and you'll be constantly running into obstacles, trying to turn yourself around while an enemy slowly chips away at your health.

#2 - DIFFICULTY. On the easist setting, I still can only get three levels into the game. It's not that I'm a lousy gamer, it's just that certain spots where there may be a concentration of plastic helicoptors, infantry, etc., are next to impossible to get around. I let a friend who is an excellent gamer borrow it for a week, and he couldn't get any farther than I did.

#3 - TWO-PLAYER MODE. Two-player modes are supposed to be fun. This one, well... isn't. The levels are too big, and you'll spend ten minutes hunting down your friend's flag, and once one of you gets the other's flag, it's too easy to cross back over into your territory without getting caught.

Please, I beg of you, don't make this an impulse buy like I did! Rent first, and even then you'll probably feel like you've wasted your money. (1.5 stars)

THIS GAME IS 3DO'S WORST GAME YET!, September 19, 2000
Reviewer: Anthony Choi from Abington, PA USA
Army Men 3D was great, I recommend it over this crap. Yes the game had great sound, but horrible control, choppy and grainy graphics, and way too dark! Sometimes I would get stuck behind some little rock and get killed because the controls didn't respond enough. 3DO has been known to rush out their games, but in the past it hasn't affected them, until now. DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY!

another great game from 3DO, June 23, 2000
Reviewer: A gamer from Philadelphia, PA
this game is another good army men series addition. The game is very fun.with the tan soldiers smarter to make the game more fun. with awesome new weopens including a 50. calibur machine gun and other classic weopens including flamethrower and bazoka you can shoot burn and blow up your tan enimies. you can also contol a tank, jeep, a pt boat and guns on a trian, but the down side is the graphics. you would think they would be better but there not. but the game is still fun and worth buying.

DON'T BUY THIS GAME!, June 5, 2000
Reviewer: A gamer from Midland, Texas
The other day I went out and bought Army Men:World War ....... I had played Army Men 3D and Army Men:Sarge's Heroes earlier that month for the first time, and I thought they were very fun, so I thought World War would only be better. IT IS NOT. Choppy Graphics, some of the worst controls I have ever seen in a game, and AI that is either entirely too dumb, or way too smart. The only fun level is the gunboat level in the second area, but all the rest are boring and repetitive. Don't buy this game, instead go buy Army Men 3D or Sarge's Heroes, cause they are more fun ..................

Awesome!, May 12, 2000
Reviewer: A gamer from Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida
I bought it. It was great.Unlike mostly everybody else who reviewed it.I recommend this game to whoever likes WorldWar2 style games you'll love this.

DISAPPOINTED!, May 9, 2000
Reviewer: A gamer from Prior Lake Minnesota
I wasted countless hours reading info on this game. I thought this would make my Dad play video games with me and instead it was a game that I made him return. Don't get me wrong I love war games, but this game had nothing going for it. To begin with, the first 4-5 levels are a visual mess; all the objects on the screen seem to melt into a solid green blur. You can barly see your own guy let alone the enemy. The next problem concerned the aiming system. It was the worst that I have ever seen in my 15 years of gaming. You have to spray a certain area until you are able to direct your line of fire to the exact spot you want to shoot. I could go on and on about this game. I'm begining to think that I should buy the game back and smash it on the ground so that no other gamer has to go through what I did.

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