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Nightmare Creatures 2

Nightmare Creatures 2 Nightmare Creatures 2
by Konami

Platform: PlayStation
ESRB Rating: Mature
ASIN: B00004LN2W

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• Sequel to the popular 3-D action-horror Nightmare Creatures
• Third-person game features optional first-person perspective
• New weapons, spells, and combat techniques
• Fight through carnivorous zombies, rabid animals, disgusting lab creatures, and assorted other monsters
• Improved gameplay mechanics, smoother polygonal characters, and larger, more intricate levels

Product Description: In this sequel to the popular 3-D action-horror title, Crowley is back--100 years later--and is again inflicting Europe with his gothic creatures. You're on the hunt for the evil scientist as either Herbert Wallace or Rachelle Donnerty, and on your side is a collection of new weapons, spells, and combat techniques. To get to Crowley, you'll have to fight your way through carnivorous zombies, rabid animals, disgusting lab creatures, and assorted other monsters.

Nightmare Creatures 2 boasts all the intensity and action of its predecessor but with improved gameplay mechanics, smoother polygonal characters, and larger, more intricate levels. Also, this third-person game features an optional first-person perspective so players can look through the eyes of their character to spot well-hidden power-ups and weapons.

Customer Reviews:
problem solving meets the boogie man!, May 21, 2002
Reviewer: A gamer from Fort Knox, KY United States
I bought this game for my son after his father brought home deerhunter. I took the deerhunter game back and bought the most monster-infested game I could find. The plot is the norm, man dies, man is brought back, man must fight stuff and get the bad dude who is at the end of the trail.

Great gore, great monsters, and most of all, not only do you have to beat the monsters, sometimes, we got stuck for 15 to 20 minutes trying to figure out what to do to get to the next level. One must get thru a sewer, the eiffel tower, and lots of other levels that go on for a great long time. What a decent amount of work for the game programmers. This game makes you think. I do not recommend this game for a young child, but for a teen or advanced pre-teen, it is a decent brain teaser. We still can't figure out how to get onto the last screen.

The gore level can be chosen, and it is a great outlet for anyone having a bad day. Remember, in Deerhunter, you are killing innocent creatures! This is so much fun!

As a Fangoria loving mom, I really liked the gore.
Plus, my son's batting average jumped 100 points after having these games.
I recommend this game as a great find to have if you like the creepy crawly side of life. Also, we bought it from, and it was in great condition, and was shipped faster than I signed off the computer. Great service!

This game is pretty darn good., February 4, 2001
Reviewer: An 11-year old gamer from Wisconsin
This game is good, but I think they could of let u pick up an enemy weapon(mostly I mean the chainsaw guy's chainsaw). I am also pretty sure they are making a 3rd one, cause the ending, I won't ruin it for u, makes like a half way point in it to me. It ... that u only get a gun,axe, and some spells, let's get some other weapons here c'mon!!! Other than that, it's much friekier, that the first game.(I mean the mansion lvl.) Bloodier, and much cooler fatality, now if u would excuse me, I gotta go actually do somthing today, besides being on the computer!!!

Wake me when it's over., November 26, 2000
Reviewer: A gamer from San Francisco, CA
I bought this game with no expectations and, like many people, I was intrigued by the Rob Zombie soundtrack. The game was dark, gothic and errie but was as complex as childrens puppet show. You have very little choices and spend the entire time being lead like cattle into room after unchallenging room where you brutally slash creatures. Walking was awkward and not sensitive. I would walk into items and "POOF" I would just pop up on top of them with out jumping. In short, the game lured me in because of its dark nature and then bored me to tears. Medievil 1 & II were way better even though they were not as gross. I would also like to agree with another reviewer in saying that the contrast of this game is so dark that I had a hard time seeing things. It almost seems like the designers of this game escaped makeing the game detailed by just making most everything black. Wake me when it is over. Rent before you consider buying this game.

I think I'm blind, July 18, 2000
Reviewer: A gamer from OH, USA
I had to upgrade my glasses after playing this. The game doesn't disappoint, it is in fact dark, but when I've been running into a wall for ten minutes and I think I'm actually running down an extremely long hallway, there's a problem. Okay, so the game's a bit dark. Next. I hacked and hacked and hacked and hacked and still got hacked myself. The game is so repetative. That and the ghouls or freaks or whatever just wail on you the entire time. The setting and the storyline for the game are cool. I like the gothic atmosphere it lends. The downfall to this game would have to be the continuous hacking and picking your character back up. It takes away from the adventure. To be honest, after playing for days, I threw in a cheat code to becoem invicible. Even then I didn't finish it because it took WAY TOO LONG. Don't get me wrong, I like in depth, but not forever. Contrary to popular belief, my life is not my Playstation. If you like difficult hack and slash games, pick it up. If you like eerie stuff, rent it. It stays true to the series.

it better then the first, July 6, 2000
Reviewer: A gamer from vallejo,ca usa
well i renting this game thinking it would stink, but i found out it was pretty good.the best part is that there is rob zombie has some music in the game. there is more gore, creepy setting & story. if you hate the first one you may want to rent.

NightMare Creatures II, June 29, 2000
Reviewer: A gamer from Chicago, IL USA
To be honest with all you gamers. I like NMC II. Yeah, it still the same as the first. Dark, grim, and errie. But, you gotta give up for the action. They could have done a lot more with the combos, and they could have done a lot more with the creatures as well. But over all I think it's an okay game to play. If they do come out with a number 3 to NMC II. I would most definitly like to see more of an improvement! But other than that, I can say I'm quite satisfied.

Many nightmare returns...., June 7, 2000
Reviewer: A gamer from Manchester, England
Why do they do this? Everyone knows that the original was good fun for about half an hour before it got tediously repetitive, so why do it again?

Yep that's right this game is simply the same as the last one. Only now you control one character who wields a huge axe. Sounds great? Trust me it isn't. The fighting system is exactly that same as the last one. You know slash at enemy with combo, defend a few attacks then repeat... Boring! The levels are also pretty much of the same thing, dark with little variation. I haven't come across one part of it that is different.

A real letdown, made all the worse by the opening sequence with loads of action and all out rock guitar assault to boot. You sweat in anticipation expecting the goods and yet the goods aren't here!

I really expected this to be something but after two years all the flaws of the original still exist. Why couldn't there have been more in depth things to do? Like stalk prey stealthily, a few puzzles here and there? The closest thing to this I've seen is pick up an item and use it. Wow how inventive! Please if they even begin to contemplte a third (like many magazines are saying) they could at least try a new approach. The first didn't work and neither does the second. A terrible waste as the plot is in place but the game isn't. That isn't what we gamers expect. We want innovation, fun and a game that plays well. Not a simple rehash, that just isn't worth the money you spend on it.

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