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NFL GameDay 2000

NFL GameDay 2000 NFL GameDay 2000
by Sony Computer Entertainment

Platform: PlayStation
ESRB Rating: Everyone
ASIN: B00001ZT48

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Editorial Review: What type of football fan are you? The casual kind? Or the one who really gets into it, wearing face paint, leading the tailgate party, outfitted head-to-toe in NFL garb? For all its efforts at "simulation realism," NFL Gameday 2000 is still a tattered mix of arcade style gameplay dressed up with pseudo-simulation options. Although the series has improved every year, it still caters to the casual football fan who couldn't care less about the subtle differences between double slants and low post patterns.

That's not to say Gameday doesn't have its inherent charms. Despite the dreaded on-field "juke" option, the gameplay is fast and entertaining. With the addition of the general manager mode, which allows for multiple seasons and all sorts of player/personnel movement, the game is much deeper than last year's version. However, Gameday 2000 strives to find that Zen-like balance between fun arcade style gameplay and in-depth simulation à la Madden, but comes up just a tad short. --Sajed Ahmed

Fast-paced football action
Import players from NCAA Gamebreakers 2000
Easy to pick up and play for all levels of gamers
Outstanding animation and on-field visuals

Computer Artificial Intelligence (AI) lacks realism
Too many money plays on offense
Commentary not particularly varied

GameSpot Review: The Gameday series has improved upon itself nearly every year, and this year is no exception. Tons of new features, animations, and game modes make NFL Gameday 2000 the best Gameday ever. All the usual options from last year are back, like all the NFL teams, season mode, create-a-player mode, and all that stuff. Let's get to what a new version of Gameday means - its new options, features, and so on.

The two biggest additions to the Gameday series this year are the play editor and general manager mode. The play editor lets you select patterns for your receivers and running backs as if you were the offensive coordinator. The general manager mode lets you do tons of stuff like play through multiple seasons with one team, cut players, sign free agents, make trades, and even draft players. You can also import players from NCAA Gamebreaker 2000 using a memory card. Both modes actually have quite a bit of meat to them and will keep hard-core fans busy for quite some time.

Also new this year is a feature that will let you play an entire game as one man at one position. For instance, say you're a really big Jerry Rice fan and you want to see just how good of a receiver you could make him. Just play as Jerry and find out. Other small extras added to the game include instant replays with actual telestrator action by Phil Simms, training camp mode, post-play player celebrations, and every Super Bowl team.

The gameplay and control is mostly the same as last year's title's, which is great since the total control passing and running game of NFL Gameday 2000 is still the best in the business, even after a year. With more than twice as many plays, the game has tons of new stuff to learn. But with all the new plays it seems as though it's a little easier to find holes in the computer's defense. Bumping up the difficulty setting closes up a lot of these holes, but there are still a few money plays here and there.

Graphically, Gameday 2000 looks and moves incredibly smooth. There's a lot of new animation this year, the most noteworthy of which are the tackling animations. The game now has multiple-player tackles, high-and-low wrap tackles, drag tackles, and upended tackles. In addition, all the player models have been scaled to better represent their real-life counterparts - this gives the players on the field a more diverse and, in turn, more realistic look.

The sound effects and music in Gameday 2000 are quite good. One of the most pleasant surprises about the sound in Gameday 2000 is the real music that kicks in after touchdowns and during kickoffs. Song excerpts include Taking Care of Business and That's the Way, to name a couple. Dick Enberg provides the play-by-play calls while Phil Simms delivers the color commentary. Most of the chatter between the two is mixed up well, although there are a few phrases that you hear a few too many times during a game.

NFL Gameday 2000, while not radically different, is a step up from last year's version. All the new animations, plays, and GM features really make Gameday 2000 the best Gameday yet. --Ryan Mac Donald

Customer Reviews:
Excellent!, May 26, 2002
Reviewer: charliekkkk
Lots of additional reinfinement makes this a great game, maybe the best. The graphics have received quite a bit of boost, and really look great. The gameplay is strong and exciting, just like it has been since NFL Gameday 1996. I love this game, and it really deserves a spot in every gamer's collection.

On the whole, a pretty good game., October 9, 2001
Reviewer: Scott Runyon from Jacksonville, IL
The graphics are good on this game. Commentary is quite bad, but music when you score a touchdown is good. The A.I. is a bit bad, one time I kept running a run play to the right side about five times straight and the opposition never tried to fix that problem. Although if it didn't the game would be pretty hard. 989 definitely scores with this game.

This game is great!!, September 13, 2001
Reviewer: dgenx321 from Calcutta, Ohio
All I can say is that this is probally one of the better football games for Playstation. If you have it on Pro or Veteran it is a very entertaing game. The graphics are about as good as a football game can be on a PSX, so that is a plus. The only thing is the amount of space it takes to save a season. The current season I'm playing is using two memory cards, that is way too much space.

Funny story., November 25, 2000
Reviewer: Leenard Skeenard from Nunyuns, Biz NES
I was in the practice mode getting used to the controls and such when i told the offence (I was on D) to use a shovel pass on their 1 Yd. line. Wel i hit the guy he passed it to and couldn't bring him to make friends with the turf so I started to rapidly hit the {X} button and suddenly the person I was controling literally power-bombed the other guy into the gridiron for what would have been a safety in a real game. But, correct me if i'm worng, that's not legal! Go fig. Pretty good game so far. Out.

Good game with bad commentary and penalty calling, November 24, 2000
Reviewer: Mike Brennan from A home
The only thing that kept this game from getting four stars is the commentary. The commentary is always late, wrong, boring, dumb, repetitive, pointless, and tests your nerves. Once you get past that though, the game is excellent. What I like about this game is that it's good and easy, unlike Madden 2000, which is FAR too hard, because of limited juking. The games are also very high scoring, because it's easy to score, but hard to keep the defense from scoring, which can become frustrating. But I have to go on the flip side, to the penalties. First, your opponent never gets a single penalty while players on your own team are called offsides when they're not, and if you hit the quarterback one-tenth of a second after he releases the ball, it's called roughing the quarterback, even if you're in mid-dive when he throws it. Also, when the other team knows the quarterback is going to have the ball tipped, the other team rushes in, and catches the ball. Cheap. Would have been perfect if not for these flaws.

Gameday Rocks Head to Head, May 25, 2000
Reviewer: A gamer from Cleveland
Gameday Football is by far the best football game ever when it comes to playing head to head with another human. It dogs madden! Madden AI is better when playing the computer. If you buy a game just to play the computer , buy Madden..But if you like to play real people, Buy GAMEDAY!

Just another game!, February 17, 2000
Reviewer: A gamer from Dalton, Georgia
This game is just like the 98 version except it has better graphics and terrible commentators. I thought it was way to easy and I just wasted my time playing it.

Very confusing and frustrating..., January 27, 2000
Reviewer: A gamer from Silicon Valley, California
Don't waste your money! I was really disappointed with this game. It was very confusing to figure out. I was constantly getting my butt kicked. Madden 2000 is a better and easier to understand game and you can actually win a few!

Gameday, January 11, 2000
Reviewer: A gamer from Minneapolis,Minnesota
Gameday 1999 is probably the best football game or best sports game that I've ever played. It has awesome gameplay with great graphics. If your a football fan this is the game for you.

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