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Capcom vs SNK Pro

Capcom vs SNK Pro Capcom vs SNK Pro
by Capcom USA

Platform: PlayStation
ESRB Rating: Teen
ASIN: B00006DY3B

Check price @ , , Product Description: Capcom vs. SNK Pro enlists a host of characters, more than 30 in all, from Capcom's Street Fighter line and SNK's King of Fighters series. The game features two different fighting styles and various modes of play. You can set up dream matches like Ryu vs. Kyo or Zangief vs. Raiden. The two fighting styles are Capcom Groove--based on the Street Fighter Alpha series, with a Super Combo Level Gauge--and SNK Groove--based on the King of Fighters series, with a Super Special Move once the Extra Gauge has reached its limit (if a player's vitality is very low, an enhanced version of the Super Special Move is available, giving players a chance to turn the tide). The number of characters in a team varies depending on the character's strength level, which ranges from one to four. The final team will have a total level of four. Modes of play include arcade mode, versus mode, training mode, and color edit mode.

Customer Reviews:
With a few improvements..., September 23, 2002
Reviewer: vrolok from Parsons, KS, USA
This game could have easily been perfect in my eyes. Don't get me wrong. It blew me away the first time I played it. It still does. But, there are a few things that annoy me:

- I'd like to see some player bios. Granted, I know every Capcom character's life story through the many other Street Fighter games I've played, but what about the SNK side? Why the obvious tension between Iori and Kyo? Raiden seems out of place...what's his deal? I didn't appreciate having to extract what little background info I could from my King of Fighters '95 Game Boy game.

- The intro movie could have been a lot better, as well as the endings. I couldn't help but cringe at the zooming effect on Geese.

- What's up with Morrigan? Every other character looks great except for her. She looks more flat and grainy than the rest, like she was thrown into the game with a lot less effort.

- Being a huge, huge Akuma fan, I almost threw this game away when I discovered that the Shun Goku Satsu was not in the moves list in the accompanying manual. If there's a world without that move, I don't want to live in it. It turns out that he DOES have it, but the only as a MAX "desperation move" (the player's life bar is flashing and the meter is charged to the maximum). The same goes for Morrigan's "Darkness Illusion," but, again, the manual lacks that information.

- Some of the moves are extremely hard to do. It could be argued that I'm just not skilled enough or that my hands aren't what they used to be, but it sure is frustrating sometimes not being able to pull off even one of Geese's super moves.

That sounds like a lot of complaints, but the game does have many strong points. Character strength is based on a ratio system, with 1 being the weakest characters and 4 being the strongest. In Arcade Mode, players get 4 ratio points to spend choosing characters. For example, Yamazaki is a ratio 3 character, so a player could only choose one more character, which would be from the 1 ratio group. Most characters also have an EX version, which can be bought with versus points in Price Mode. Some moves are unavailable in EX mode and some may change. Anyone who has played Street Fighter Alpha 3 with X-ism should find this familiar. EX changes are for the most part not in the instruction manual.

The SNK drawings of characters are fantastic. Color Edit mode allows one to create custom color features for characters, which I find helpful for when I feel like Dan needs to be in a more conservatively colored gi. There are a lot more pre-fight taunts and demonstrations of power than in Street Fighter Alpha 3. Some of the dialogue really makes me want to work harder on my Japanese study, because what they do while they're talking makes what's to come a little more intense. (I'll have to see. Sometimes fighting game talk gets pretty stale.)

All in all, a wonderful effort. Capcom vs. SNK Pro reinforces my belief that the Street Fighter and King of Fighters systems are superior to the competition.

Awesome!, August 20, 2002
Reviewer: charles kim from USA
The only reason why i gave this game 4 stars is because:

1. a lot of load times ( 5 secs. each time), but there is an option to quickly load it up (you'll know when u get the game)
2. unlike the original capcom vs snk on the dreamcast, they dont have the mini introduction anymore..
3. special effects in the game are not as awesome as the mighty ps2 and the dreamcast

this game is an absolute must for all the hardcore 2D Capcom Fighting Game fans! this is the game that started it all!

capcom vs snk, August 16, 2002
Reviewer: Gamer
each time capcom have released their next 2d fighting game in the street fighter genre. its always been better than the last. This is the best game in their playstation series. If you are a fan of both SNK and capcom you are going to love this having your favorite character lose to another character in the oposing universe is something you just dont want to see happen. The graphics are great. Classic tunes from both companies are in it. The game play is a little tighter and hits harder than street figher alpha 3. Akuma is waiting for you if your good enough. I would have made the endings better. They should have given individual endings for each character. There are 3 available endings all up.

THE BEST!!!, August 14, 2002
Reviewer: A 12-year old gamer

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