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Ultimate Fighting Championship

Ultimate Fighting Championship Ultimate Fighting Championship
by Crave Entertainment

Platform: PlayStation
ESRB Rating: Teen
ASIN: B00004U49Q

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• Officially licensed game of the Ultimate Fighting Championship
• Over 30 fighting styles include boxing, king fu, wrestling, and tae kwon do
• Realistic matches end in tap-outs, takedowns, submissions, knockouts, ref calls, and more
• Features official UFC announcer Bruce Buffer and referee Big John McCarthy
• Several play modes: tournament, career, vs., training mode, and create-a-character

Product Description: What do you get when you cross boxing, aikido, Greco-Roman wrestling, and more than 25 other fighting styles? If you answered Ultimate Fighting Championship, you're correct (if you answered by cowering under a desk, we don't blame you). This is not some soap opera of thrown chairs and unrealistic moves. Two fighters and a referee enter the Octagon--the UFC's caged, eight-sided ring--where the fighters meld martial-arts styles to receive points for hits, holds, and takedowns.

Ultimate Fighting Championship features over 20 of the top UFC fighters with their specific moves and likenesses. You'll choose from 3,000 moves and 1,200 combos and string them into devastating attacks. Training mode allows you to learn the martial-arts discipline or combine moves of different schools.

Customer Reviews:
Bring it onin the OCTAGON, December 17, 2001
Reviewer: frank deloach from Dana Point , CA
This game rocks all others , no contest!!!!
You can play over 22 fighters ! , multyple modes of play & good sound. some fighters are better than others , I recomend Tito Ortiz , Marco Raos , Bas Rutten & Frank Shamrock. Tons of fun , the game is basically set up by tournements. I completely recomned this game to anyone who likes fighting games.

Yo - don't listen to the others - this games got talent!!!!, April 17, 2001
Reviewer: Anthony R Barnard from Maidenhead, Berkshire United Kingdom
If ure reading all the other reviews (if they're bad) don't listen!! It's a very good game. The graphics are easily as good as Smackdown 1 or 2(i have them both) and it requires more skill than just kicking the crap out of someone with chairs etc.. Althouigh if u like doing that you can make the oppponent bleed when you hit them enough - hahahaha smackdown don't have that!!!!

Its also got quite a few modes and the create a character is a good alternative. It takes time to master which is good because after all it would be boring if it were too easy (erm...muttering under my breath SMACKDOWN!!!!)
If you are looking for a more technical game that requires patience and talent (and blood) go for this.......but if you are crap at REAL fighting games (erm.... like smackdown) you woundn't have the skill to play this.

Buy it and see for yourself....

Breath Of Fresh Air, But Still Not There, March 24, 2001
Reviewer: A gamer from Alexandria, Virginia United States
For a true diehard MMA (i.e, UFC, Pride, etc.) fan, this was something long overdue. The graphics are great. The fighter creation program is wonderful. And the game is terribly realistic. However, once one has mastered the basic fighting moves, there is not much else. Often times, your fighter will not perform basic functions on command. Also, I still have yet (after months of playing this game) to figure out how to perform complex manuevors. Most disappointing is the fact that UFC legends such as Ken Shamrock, R. Gracie, Dan Severn, Tank Abbott, Olag Takatarov, and Don Frye are not part of the game. Furthermore, while this is a must for any true MMA enthusiast, there are many things that can be improved on.

A Very Frustrating Game, March 11, 2001
Reviewer: Ryan LeBlanc from Toronto, Canada
Unless you are a diehard UFC fan you will not enjoy this game. The moves are too difficult to execute. There is no difficulty setting outside the practice mode. Controls are frustrating because, even if you do them by-the-book, you watch your fighter do nothing. The CPU is very difficult to beat.

The fighters are mostly middleweights. None of the UFC greats are in this game. Frank Shamrock& Guy Mezger are the top two. The created fighter feature was a nice addition. The music is pretty good.

I often found myself turning this game off, in frustration, because of the lack of control there is in this game.

TAP OUT!, March 4, 2001
Reviewer: A gamer from Seattle, Washington USA
This UFC game is pretty ture to the real UFC and the moves are limited, but the action is there. I say if you are a fan of the UFC then you will like this game, but if you don't know what the UFC is it isn't the game for you. Overrall it is an ok game and I love to see the tap out.

ahh ok game, January 24, 2001
Reviewer: curt hiott from Charleston SC USA
I played this game on a diffrent system and thought it was ok, but if you don't like that type of fighting, than this game is not for you. it is slowerpace than street fighter and it gets very technical at times. I personally didn't think very much of it but thought it had its redeaming qualities, like it had some good character selections, and you could play diffrent type fighters against each other. I.E sumo wrestler vs. tae kwan doe master. Overall its an ok game but if you don't like slow pace games i wouldn't reccommend this to you.

Excellent game, December 15, 2000
Reviewer: Khaled Amr AlTaher from Riyadh, Saudi Arabia Saudi Arabia
I am a Fan of UFC, and I think this game is totally fantastic. You should buy the game and also the films if u r looking for adventure and excitement

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