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Vanishing Point

Vanishing Point Vanishing Point
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Platform: PlayStation
ESRB Rating: Everyone

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Customer Reviews:
decent..., June 20, 2002
Reviewer: Jonathan from chicago
This is definitely a rent before you buy type of game. First off, there is a pretty good amount of vehicles in the game which allows for somewhat of a reply value. The cars you race, however, are not what you might expect. If you're tired of racing exotic supercars, doing 200mph+, then the cars in this game are a nice change of pace; and that's really what I liked about playing this game: racing station wagons and trucks, etc. Call me crazy, but driving ferraris and porches and etc., simply get boring game after game.

As for racing itself, you're going against the clock and against computer cars. Kind of like a checkpoint, yet you still have the beat the other cars. And, let me tell you this is why you want to rent this game first. I had it for 5 days, and got every single car, track, and beat the stunt mode. A couple of the slower cars, or the ones w/ poor handling will give you some trouble, but the more you play the game, the easier everything becomes. The graphics aren't too bad, and as the name suggests, it tried to eliminate any pop-ups or the "vanishing point" in the horizon, and accomplished that task. The car models also look very nice, and the game really isn't too bad. I just wouldn't pay [much for it] Either way, rent it first or try it at a friends before you throw money at it. You just never know.

happily "vanished" from my collection, June 4, 2002
Reviewer: bruceblount from florida,usa
i dont make any money winning driving games, but i would consider myself a pro. i have all the "super licenses" on Gt3/ ps2, and pride myself on beating other race games. so i kept "vanishing point" in my collection and would return to it to give it another shot every now and then to see why i havent played it in so long. it didnt take long to figure it out. the only thing enjoyable about this game is the "stuntman" challenge section, other than that this game will make you so frustrated you will break controllers and mabey more. the graphics are fine but, i couldnt get anywhere, even after hours of dedication. RENT BEFORE YOU BUY!!! i finally traded out this waste of disk space for "V-Rally 2", and now i enjoy myself again. p.s.: anything that says NFS on it will make you smile!

Wannabe Gran Turismo, June 15, 2001
Reviewer: sixpackrt from Chicago, IL
I don't really like GT either but at least that game wasnt COMPLETELEY ridiculous. This is one of those games that fill the text on the back with great vehicles and you turn the game on to find out that three are unlocked. (Actually, in the case of this game there are two) Also, the cars handle like wet marbles and you get spun out frequently by other racers while they are untouchable.

Terribly Under-rated, March 22, 2001
Reviewer: DTW from Poughkeepsie, NY USA
This is simply a very good racer. It has a slight learning curve and the cars feel sloppy at first. But then it it gels together, the physics engine makes sense (and remains consistent throughout) and the hectic fun begins.

This is not for the ham-fisted gamer. You need to balance aggression against the ever-threatening loss of traction. You're always on the brink of spinning in the rear-drive cars, but when the physics engine is understood, you're 99.5% on the brink..but not OVER it! Which makes this an incredibly exciting arcade-style racer!

On the other hand, there are many cars to win, and many of these can be handled by any of the novices that seem to have found this game wanting. Most of the front-drivers are very tight on the road, and you can torture yourself with any of several slow VW's if you wish, which makes driving as simple as in Gran Turismo.

This game is one of the purest examples of people simply not seriously attempting to bridge a new control scheme or new idea in videogames. For shame, as this game has so many extras to unlock, a great stunt mode, and a well-populated Internet Challenge (instantly updated trophy races against other racers nationwide, which gets VERY competitive).

Why 4 and not 5? I don't like the secondary emphasis on earning car adjustability, something which always compromises the design of racing games by introducing excessive variables into the times earned. The presence of these many, many adjustments (chassis, etc) slightly confuses the Arcade nature of the game, even though one can play the game without ever touching them (and indeed most modes actually disallow them for the very reason mentioned, timing consistency).

VP = GT realistic driving physics + RR 4 graphics + extras, February 26,
2001Reviewer: A gamer from Lewisville, TX United States
Vanishing Point is a good combination of the realistic driving physics of Gran Turismo 1-2 plus better graphics as in Ridge Racer 4 for Playstation. Granted, the graphics aren't stellar, but it's on par with the more recent Playstation offerings.

I think the physics model in VP is actually better than GT 1-2, particularly when hitting other cars or obstacles (e.g. concrete walls). The effect can be downright dizzying, depending on the angle and speed of impact - but not to worry, after a slight time delay, neither you nor your car sustains any damage, regardless of the severity of the impact. The steering may seem a bit sensitive at first, but each vehicle's response characteristics can be learned after a few practice laps.

Most of the courses are full of curves, dips, and hills, with very few straightaways. This is likely a gimmick the game designers employed to avoid the fill-in at the infinite 'vanishing point', but the technique works. Most of the courses are set in natural environments with a liberal amount of peripheral visual elements (which tempt you to look away from the road ahead - bad idea!)

The one thing that's definitely unique in this game is the gameplay. It's very addictive. You are not actually racing against the other cars on the course, but instead you are trying to beat lap times of cars which previously ran the course (or so the manual says). Instead of trying to beat you while racing, devious computer-controlled AI cars are hell-bent on running you off the road or forcing you into other cars. This can be both frustrating and challenging, but it provides an element which neither GT nor RR offers.

It takes a while to accumulate a decent selection of cars, as you must win in Tournament mode to unlock new cars. But it forces you to become proficient with the driving characteristics of each car/truck/SUV in turn.

I own a PS2, and I traded in Ridge Racer 5 for this game. While the RR5 graphics for PS2 are superior, I prefer the gameplay of VP for PS1, and it should tide me over until GT3 for PS2 is released!

This on great arcade style racing game, February 14, 2001
Reviewer: howard robinson from arlington,TX
This game is really great compared to other racing games except for GT which is the best but enough bout that VP has alot af cars to choose from and has various modes that ranges from tournament to stunts. Also the graphics are good for a PS game and theres no scenery pop-up like driver2 or slowdown. I strongly recommend purchasing this game.

The Ultimate Racer, February 10, 2001
Reviewer: Won Hung Lo from Bangkok, Thailand
This game is amazing! There is even a stunt mode where you do stunts with your car. There is a vide variety of cars to choose from. If you liked the Gran Turismo series you'll love this game!

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