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C-12 Final Resistance

C-12 Final Resistance C-12 Final Resistance
by Sony

Platform: PlayStation
ESRB Rating: Teen
ASIN: B0000690YE

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• Sci-fi action-adventure
• Battle colonizing aliens
• You have an imaging unit instead of a left eyeball
• Dark, intricate environments over 35 missions
• For 1 player Product Description: C-12: Final Resistance is set in the aftermath of a hostile ground invasion of Earth by ravaging alien forces. At first, the purpose of the invasion is unknown, but to the horror of all surviving humans, the objective soon becomes clear: the aliens plan to harvest all non-radioactive carbon from planet Earth (thus the title C-12). Most of the human race has been decimated, and those captured alive are used for "droning," the process by which the aliens reprogram humans into cyborg warriors.

It is up to you, playing as resistance fighter Riley Vaughan, to save the Earth from impending doom. Armed with an imaging unit that has been implanted to replace his left eye, as well as a powerful arsenal of weapons, Vaughan must complete tasks, collect items, and destroy the enemy in order to carry out his missions and uncover the secrets behind the alien invasion. C-12: Final Resistance allows players to explore dynamic, darkly detailed environments that include more than 35 different missions and objectives.

Customer Reviews:
Not too bad, would have been great years ago, October 16, 2002
Reviewer: Nick from Reading, PA
If C-12 was released four or five years ago this game would have been considered revolutionary, but sadly C-12: Final Resistance showed up for the dying (but still kicking) PS1 too little too late. The storyline is nothing original (you play as a one man army mowing down hordes of alien enemies hellbent on destroying humanity in a post-apocalyptic future), but the action is well done, and the controls are pretty decent. Graphics are a bit of a setback here though, polygon drop out is aplenty here, not to mention some of the enemies look a little ridiculous. All in all however, C-12 isn't a bad game at all, it just showed up at too late a time. Next-generation only gamers will have no interest in C-12, but if your still holding on to your PS1 (or if thats the only system you own) you'll have a bit of fun with this, and fans of the Syphon Filter series will dig it as well.

Proceed with caution, August 29, 2002
Reviewer: Ian from anytown, anystate, anycountry
The Playstation is dying. We all know it. By the end of this year, the playstation will join the Dreamcast, the sega genisis and all the other gaming systems that have gone into the sunset to the land of retired gaming systems. So it comes as a suprise that somebody is actually making a fairly big game for the Playstation. C-12 Final resistance is probably the last great action adventure game to be released on the playstation. The game follows the adventures of Riley Vaughn, a resistance luetineant that is the last hope of humanity, who have been nearly conqured by evil, ridiculous looking aliens. Using your cyborg eye implant, you must now run through a post-apocalypse England (Judging by the British Accents) the plot is actually someone good, with some interesting suprises, and plot twists. Among the locations you will travel include a underground base, abandoned highrises, alien bases and alien conversion facilietes. For those of you coming into this game expecting a playstation 2 type epic, you will be very dissapointed. The game has fairly good graphics by Playstation standards, but they are dirt compared to the Playstation 2. Although the game looks ancinet, it is actually quite good. You get to blow lots of things up, you get to go through interesting enviorments and you get to shoot lots of aliens. Unfortunitly, this game has several serious flaws. The controls and camera are your biggest enemy in this game, the controls take some time getting used to, but luckily they can be managed. The camera is probably your biggest enemy, constantl getting into bad angles and causing lots of problems. The targeting system constantly locks on to enimies far away, instead of the one right next to you, whcih causes lots of cheap deaths. Speaking of deaths, you are going to die a lot, which isint so bad if you could just teleport back to the last save point, but instead, every time you die, you have to go back to the main menu and load the save point Boo!!!. So is this game worth a purchase? I really dont know, its more of a personal opinion. I highly recomend you rent before you buy.

The good:
Fairly good graphics (By playstation standards) good story, lots of weapons, you get to shoot and blow things up. Challenging puzzles, neat enviorments

The bad:
Difficulty level can be extreme, odd method of saving, enemy aliens look ridiculous.

And the Ugly:
Fighting aliens can be frustrating, some puzzles are annoying.

C12 - Minimal Resistance !, August 11, 2002
Reviewer: A gamer from United Kingdom
The general game play for this title is reasonable and there are some good problems to solve. However the game is made infuriating by the load/save methods used and the fact that you have to reload the last position each time you get killed. It would be better if you automatically went to the last save point, rather than having to go through tiresome procedure for reloading a saved file.

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