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Urban Chaos

Urban Chaos Urban Chaos

Platform: PlayStation
ESRB Rating: Mature

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• Choose between 2 protagonists
• Several different ways to complete each 30 different missions
• Interact with 40 unique characters
• Realistic urban setting
• Action adventure with driving, shooting, hand-to-hand combat, and heavy weaponry

Product Description: In the closing days of 1999, a rampant crime wave has come to grip Union City. As either streetwise rookie cop D'arci Stern or vigilante Roper McIntyre, you must counteract the crazed millennium cult that wishes to fulfill Nostradamus's prediction for Armageddon. To defeat the cult, you'll have to complete 30 missions--but how you complete those missions is up to you. There are numerous ways to complete your goal through all of the levels.

In Urban Chaos, you'll utilize a variety of gaming experiences to complete these missions. Your character can ride the subway, commandeer taxis, and even jump between rooftops. In your effort to uncover the truth, you can also use aggressive tactics to pry suspects for information. The soundtrack to this third-person crime fighter is provided, featuring electronica recording stars Photek and Asian Dub Foundation, among others. Urban Chaos supports the separately sold memory card, so you won't have to save all of Union City at one sitting.

GameSpot Review: Urban Chaos started life on the PC, as an ambitious action game that really brought something new to the Final Fight-esque beat-'em-up genre - mostly by tossing in a behind-the-back camera and giving the game more of a free-roaming attitude than a "go here, beat this guy up" mentality. But while the game worked very well on the PC - a platform devoid of all things punching and kicking - whoever was in charge of the PlayStation version forgot to port the fun over to the Sony console. Urban Chaos takes place in Union City. You, as D'arci Stern, rookie cop, must first work through a few training missions, which detail things like how to fight and how to control a vehicle. Then it's off to the city streets. In each level, you're given a few main objectives to accomplish. In one, you must arrest at least one mugger and return an abandoned vehicle to the station. In another, you have to find a way to get a suicidal man down from a building (and no, pushing him off isn't a valid way). Secondary, optional objectives will occasionally pop up as well, asking you to find a stolen police car or find a murderer. From a premise and design standpoint, Urban Chaos sounds like a winner. But there are many, many factors working against the game. For starters, the graphics are horrible. The character models are incredibly blocky, almost every texture in the game is ugly and warped, and the draw-in distance is about 25 feet in front of you, ensuring that you'll never be able to get a clear view of any action until you're right on top of it. The sound is decent. The game features lots of speech that typically works well. The control is decent, though it may be a bit too loose for some players to get a handle on, and the fighting could have been handled much better. Also, the game tries to use action-specific music. Normally, the game is silent, except for the sounds of the streets. But when you start running, a little loop starts playing. It's a nice concept - too bad the loop is almost too short to count as actual music and gets annoying after only a few seconds. The PC version of Urban Chaos really had a lot going for it, and at its core, it was already a very console-style game. However, Eidos simply chose the wrong console, as the PlayStation version of Urban Chaos is ugly and almost completely unplayable. If you've got a PC capable of playing the original version, check it out, and try to forget that the PlayStation version even exists.--Jeff Gerstmann

From the Manufacturer: Urban Chaos brings unprecedented freedom to the most realistic and atmospheric game environment to date. You control D'arci and Roper: D'arci-the agile, street savvy cop and Roper-the jaded conspiracy theorist who is an expert in heavy weapons. Together they must stop a millennium cult from unleashing a new form of evil on the city. As you wander the city, explore every nook and cranny, from buildings and rooftops to subways and sewers. Ride the subway, commandeer a motorcycle and speed down the city streets. Or launch yourself from the top of buildings on a hand glider. The game is enhanced with a variety of environmental effects including rain, fog, snow, day and night.

Customer Reviews:
Urban Chaos, November 4, 2002
Reviewer: A 12-year old gamer
In Urban Chaos you are a cop called Darci Stern. But in some levels you are a criminal called Mako. The graphics are not the best ones but the gameplay is good. You get most weapons by etheir killing or arresting the gang members ( or Neds as we call them in Scotland). In most levels you have a gun in some levels you must find them or kill for them. The freeform nature of the game means you can explore the area you are in. The weapons include shotguns, pistols, knifes, M16 machine guns and a baseball bat. In Mako's levels you kill the police and can murder innocent people and steal peoples cars (you can also steal cars and kill innocent people in Darci's levels as well).

I am glad the Wildcat gang is'nt here in Ayr. This is a great game from the makers of Tomb Raider and Soul Reaver and I would recommend this to anyone.

For all the girls who love video games!, March 14, 2002
Reviewer: A 12-year old gamer
When times get rough in the city here comes Darcey. Darcey is a cop that works out on the streets and looks for a gang called the Wildcats, she destroys thier weapons and some of thier gang members. Darcey also has a partner named Roper that helps her throughout the missions. So girls if you like to play games that put the girls on top and guys on the bottom you'll love this game. I gave this game four stars because it doesn't have the best grahics.

Not bad from the Tomb Raider creators, April 13, 2000
Reviewer: A gamer from Dark Side of the Moon
This game takes you to a game genre that hasn't been touched yet. You're a cop taking down the bad guys in a somewhat like Mario 64 world. You can go anywhere and talk to anybody. Everything you do can effect you somehow. the controls take a little getting use to, but you'll adjust. The voice dialogue is pretty good too.

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