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Delta Force Urban Warfare

Delta Force Urban Warfare Delta Force Urban Warfare
by Electronic Arts

Platform: PlayStation
ESRB Rating: Teen
ASIN: B000067864

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• You are a lone Delta Force operative
• You must eliminate terrorists who may be hidden behind any door
• Wild shoot-outs and stealth tactics
• Time-sensitive ops, sniping, and demolition
• Engage and defeat enemies who employ reactive tactical maneuvers Product Description: You are a lone Delta Force operative. You must eliminate terrorists who may be hidden behind any door, and halt a global threat. This is an all-new Delta Force experience, based on the successful franchise developed exclusively for the PlayStation by Rebellion.

Gameplay ranges from wild shootouts to stealth tactics, and includes close-quarters combat, strategic infiltration, time-sensitive ops, sniping, and demolition. You will engage enemies who react to gunfire, dive for cover, employ tactical maneuvers, and pursue using a player's blood trail. Weapons include assault and sniper rifles, grenade and rocket launchers, plus remote explosives. Other gear includes night vision and thermal goggles, combat radar, and a security camera scrambler.

During 12 missions you will intercept communications, capture prisoners, conceal enemy bodies, blast your way out of a bank robbery, rescue and protect hostages, defuse explosives, and attack an oilrig. The story line, presented in cutscenes and in-game radio messages, propels you through each mission.

Customer Reviews:
alright, September 13, 2002
Reviewer: A gamer from Tullahoma, TN United States
When I got this game I thought it would be great. On the back of the game where it should everything you could do I thought it would definitly be one I'd be playing a few times, boy was i right. I hardly ever finished a mission where i did't have to play it at least 3 or 4 times. It might be just because I don't play video games alot, but I really don't think it's just me. It really wouldn't be so bad if the levels weren't so annoying. Not to mention that when there shooting at you it sounds like there doing it with B.B. guns. Or that annoying scream they do when you shoot them. Don't get me wrong there are some levels that are pretty sweet. Like one your on top of a building and get to snipe guys walking around on a barge. So if your thinking about getting this game I really recommend renting it first. You might like it, but I didn't. I really think that they could have done better.

Cool game, if u like FPS's your gonna love this, August 20, 2002
Reviewer: Nick Bentick from New York
The graphics are really cool. One thing which is missing in this game is the fact that there is no multiplayer. Controls need a litle getting used to. Gameplay is good and the game is alot of fun to play, lots of missions and a good selection of weapons. the accessories that you carry with you through out are mainly night vision and infra red sensors with which yo can track your enemies down. Buy this game and you wont be sorry.

A Syphon Filter, Medal of Honor and Metal Gear solid in one, August 4, 2002
Reviewer: A 12-year old gamer
Any one who has enjoyed Medal of Honor, Syphon filter and metal gear solid on the playstation will love this game, lots of weapons, hostages, great story. Controls need a getting used to, but once you do you'll find that you can hide bodies, pick of enimies with silenced weapons, and crouch under fire. Missions are challenging and fun. The game has Half Life : Counter strike elements in it also... u can switch your side arm from silenced mode, to semi automatic to burst fire. Lots of detailing in the enemy AI and the range of weapons makes one hell of a game. Mix metal gear, medal of honour and syphon filter and u got delta force: urban warfare.

Delta Force:Urban Warfare Review, July 23, 2002
Reviewer: A gamer from Los Angeles, CA USA
its a little hard to control, but once you learn the controls it is so fun.... i am serious... all of the missions are hard and challenging... good game

pretty good...not great, July 16, 2002
Reviewer: eyeless_9mm from CT, USA
instead of just writting one long review, ill divide it up into different aspects of the game

playstation is really showing its age in this aspect. the levels are pretty detailed but the cut scenes are just down right awful. the weapons models look pretty good, as well as the enemies, but the graphics dont compare to other FPS games on other consoles.

the gameplay is pretty straightfoward in this game-- go in the target blow up/rescue/retrieve something or someone. it was actually a pretty hard game the first time around, at some levels stratgey will have to be implemented to achieve sucess, but playing the game the 2nd time around its possible to beat the game in two hours. the enemie AI is the best and isn't the worst; terrorists will run for cover, run from grenades, shoot at hostages,react to sight and sound. there are a suprising amount of features in this game also; weapons have different modes of fire(semi, auto, burst, etc.) and you can drag bodies of fallen bad guys and hide them in order to avoid detection. you also have light amplification and thermal imaging googles for some stages, which are very useful. at some points in the game it is better to take the slient approach to some levels, here is where backstabing your enemy is useful along with attaching your sound suppressor to your 0.45. headshots will drop your enemies instantly but shots placed otherwise with take several rounds.

there are different enviroments/levels in this game. on two levels you have to go into an oil ship, but majority take place in enclosed urban enviroments (note the title). one problem with the enviroments i found was that they were way two damn short! some of them only took 5-10 mins at the most!

there is also one level where u employ the barret 0.50 caliber sniper rifle to neturalize tangos but this is also very short.

the controls are ok, but not great. it takes time to get accostumed to them but eventually you do and it isnt so bad. as usual the analog makes aiming difficult, but fortuantly the developers included a presice aiming reticile which works the same way aiming does in GOLDENEYE and PERFECT DARK. in addition to precise aiming you can also lean around corners/doorways, strafe, and crouch. also you can change stances to prone, crouch of standing.

pretty basic stuff here. guns go BOOM. grenades go BOOM. bad guys will yell at you when spotted. nothing to impressive here, just medicore.

Neo-Marxists hell bent on restoring Communist society develop a new weapon called RED MECURY (and would you know they're Russian!) Not exactly Tom Clancy here but thankfuly you can skip this mundane story and go on to the game play (cut scenes can be skipped). It pretty much is a crappy story that is uninteresting and typical.

dont bother if u have a better system, otherwise its not a bad game, but certianly not great. i guess its fun for a few times, but what do u expect, its a playstation one game

good but cant live up to pc version, July 14, 2002
Reviewer: Harold E. Kies from Bangor, Pa. United States
Delta force urban warfare is an ok game that is what I thought rainbow six would be like or should be like. The graphics are mediocre but ive seen much better on ps one. Unlike the pc version you work alone, and can capture terrorists and have them open doors for you and things like that. One mission where you have to go into a bank undetected is mind numbingly hard. The gameplay suffers from the horrible control scheme which requires button taps. Another annoying thing is that the cinemas are awful looking, legend of dragoon came out long before this and had wonderful cinemas. So for the hype it got it just cannot live up to any of the pc versions.

what a waste, July 13, 2002
Reviewer: A gamer from usa
this plays more like a beta than a full version ... the controls are weak ... game play is horrible ... rent it firs

Put all of the flaws of rainbow six, add some bad cut scenes, July 10, 2002
Reviewer: Jon from Northport, NY USA
This game [stinks]!!! I was waiting for it for months, thinking it was going to be the bomb. It turned out to be a dud. The controls are horrible, and the cut scenes could be from super nes. I think however the game could have been good, the overall atmospheres are nice, but to little concentration had been placed in the control...rainbow six...has the same contol scheme. In Rainbow six you could change the controls and their functions, urban warfare you can't. The voice acting is horrible. Stay away from this game!!...

well... at least it's not another Spec Ops game., July 7, 2002
Reviewer: Tran Cunnane from Boston, MA United States
I bought this game on the basis of it's strong family backbround (I have Delta Force 1 & 2 for the PC). I wasn't expecting much for [price] and because it's on the PSone, and I wasn't disappointed in that respect. The graphics are better then the Spec Ops series, but not as good as say, Metal Gear Solid for the same system. The game play is ok and takes a little getting used to. But after playing the original Delta Force on the PC and Soldier of Fortune and Medal of Honor Frontline for the PS2, this game should've been [price]. I suggest renting it first. One cool part is the thermal googles... ala Predator or the sniper from the Navy Seals movie.

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