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Mega Man X6

Mega Man X6 Mega Man X6
by Capcom USA

Platform: PlayStation
ESRB Rating: Everyone

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• Help Mega Man X find his companion Zero
• Battle reploids through a maze of levels
• Rough-and-tumble environment of a future Earth
• Nightmare System randomizes levels and encounters
• Dynamic endings vary depending on how you play Product Description: It's been three weeks since Earth's near collision with the space colony Eurasia. Zero's heroics averted the disaster, but it may have cost him his life. Now on a bruised and battered planet, tales of rampaging reploids are everywhere. It's up to Mega Man X to investigate, but it won't be easy, as Mega Man X must battle through a maze of levels to avenge his cyborg pal and rescue reploids along the way. You can return to battle again and again with the new nightmare system, which randomizes level maps, enemies, and endings based on how you play.

Customer Reviews:
Mediocre, but better than X5, November 13, 2002
Reviewer: A. Paul Melin from Derby, kansas United States
I wasn't really impressed with X6. While infinitely better than X5 (a stupid game, especially with Alia's constant "advising"), this one doesn't really do anything to expand on the Mega Man X franchise. It's a shame that the X series is going downhill (although I do recommend checking out Mega Man Zero for the Game Boy Advanced, that's worth it), and the plotline continues to be even more confusing. I know that when it comes to games you're supposed to play the game and probably ignore the story, but a solid storyline really enhances the game. Capcom was on a good road with X4 with its inclusion of anime scenes and impressive arcade-like gameplay, but now they've chosen to downgrade themselves. Check out the first four X games, they're fantastic... but you will be disappointed with this one (and more so with X5).

flawed, but still Mega Man!, September 21, 2002
Reviewer: Ixx
Every game has some problems. This game had a lot of them. However, that's what they get for working on two games simultaniously. Yes, you heard right. Mega Man X5 and X6 were produced by two different teams, almost at the same time. Work for these games started about a year and a half after X4's release, about the time Legends 1 made its debut. Then Legends 2 went into production, and Capcom came up with ways to tie Legends and X in together. So, with 3 Mega Man games in production at (close to, not exactly!) the same time, the plot has more holes in it than a car being gunned down by the Mafia. The biggest one is the obvious misinterpretation of the 3 years/3 weeks anomaly. In actuality the time span between X5 and X6 is three weeks.

What's interesting about the last two games though is that they tie in to the Legends series. I don't remember exactly what game it's in, but X does indeed comment at the end that one of his ambitions is to build a new space colony that he calls Elysium, which is exactly what the space colony in Legends 2 was called.

Although the two games are similar in style and all, the contrasts between the two are vast. X5 was unbelievably unbalanced and easy, and could more than easily be beaten in one day given the time. X6 is difficult - probably one of the most difficult Mega Man games yet. Not only does it bombard you with enemies, but those Nightmare creatures can be a real pain in the arse. There's also a flaw in this game which no other Mega Man game has - the ability to get stuck. Yep, literally stuck! In most of these cases, the only way out of these screwy areas is to kill yourself and start over again.

A very noteable feature on this game is the Japanese voice acting. Personally, I liked it. Some people think it was Capcom being lazy this time around. Well that may very well have been the case, but hey it's better than those crappy American voices, right?? At least we're hearing the voices as they should be....

Overall, I liked this game. It's definitely lacking in terms of polish and last minute checks, but it's still an entertaining game, providing you've played Mega Man before. DON'T let this or X5 be your first time playing Mega Man! Chances are that you'll be scarred to play any others.

Start with X4, and if you like that one, RENT the other two first, and then make buying decisions.

Next X, July 22, 2002
Reviewer: jamesheben
K. Here's the deal with X6: it's hard. Mostly, though, it's not the hard as in, needs skill and timing and practice, but hard as in, "they" fill the screen with as much [stuff] as they can, and you just have to try and survive... When I first played the game, I was so infuriated at the lameness that I couldn't play it for a week. But I'm glad I started again. Once you take the time to learn the levels, it's a really fun game. Plot kinda remind's me o' X3, and Zero needs to STAY DEAD,... But it's fun.

Also, the levels arn't "randomly generated" as much as they're randomly altered...

Zero IS Back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!, July 13, 2002
Reviewer: ssj3goku from PCB, Florida
I atually am one of those die-hard megaman fans. I love this game. This game is the newest addition to the megaman series.

The game is fun while challenging. I live for megaman. In this game the setting is three weeks after the Eurasia space colony crashed into the earth. A man named Gate finds a part that makes him all powerful. The part belongs to... anyway as in the other megaman games you have to defeat the boss.

There are 3 diff. armors to choose from (and 2 secret ones.) Also a new weapon to X...Zero's old saber!!! I must state that you should only play this game if you are a megaman fan. I hate it that people play their first megaman game and don't know who or what megaman is and say they don't like it.

This game is fun, but it was a little too easy for me since I am the best with Zero. That is why I gave it four stars.

Overall I think that this is the best megaman yet. I only hope they produce Megaman X7 not only on the PS2 but also on the PSX.

Oh yeah I also read some reviews on how they made this game in a rush. I think they made this game so good that it didn't need that much time. I also read the review that they put in GI (Game Informer) and I dont agree with it.

Also rent the game before you buy it. I hate seeing people saying they wasted their money on a peice of junk and never play a megaman game again.

Remember rent every game before you buy it you never know how short or easy the game is.

Megaman X6 ROCKS!, July 9, 2002
Reviewer: A gamer from Seattle, WA USA
This was my first megaman x game, after playing it for a while, I thought, Gawd, this is easy, but then one the Nightmares touched a reploid and turned him into a crazed, zombie-like killing machine! This game is a step up in difficulty from X5, relying a lot on your speed and reflexes. You can still play as zero when you find him, though, and his new moves kick @ss!

Overall: Buy this game if you have a knack at Megaman X Games.
If you do, the enter this code at the main screen and start a new game... left. left. left. right.

Nice sequel!, June 18, 2002
Reviewer: Chris Manna from Montgomery Village, Maryland United States
If you thought the Megaman X series would end..well its justs keeps going! It gets better every time. So this game features the use of X and Zero. YOu get 3 different types of armor for X. My personal favorite is the Shadow armor which can make you slice the saber really fast and stick to ceilings. This is one of the many great things in this game. So this is the game to get for all you Megaman fans.

Gamer since 1988, June 9, 2002
Reviewer: Tyrone Houston from Brandywine, MD
Play this game first with Zero before you get Mega Man Zero. This game is okay put it gets dull because it is the same old same old I wish capcom offered something different besides Mega Man having Zero saber. I got this game because I wanted to see the story of the Mega Man X saga continue. Good news the next Mega Man X game Mega Man X7 will be on PS2 and in 3D.

Capcom goes downhill once again!!!, May 27, 2002
Reviewer: epoch_jor2 from FPO, AP United States
It seems to me that as time goes by, Capcom puts less and less effort into making Mega Man games. Though to give them credit, they did put in some new material giving the X series a new breath of life, they need to seriously fire their entire translation and sound departments. They didn't even bother to translate the Japanese. They just added some bad captions to supplement the game for us english speaking people. The music in X6 is good, but sound effects are a little dull. The game is the best of the three Playstation titles in terms of sheer fun to play, but was ported over very badly. If Capcom wants to continue to support the Mega Man series, they need to pay more attention to what is going on in the game. I have been a Mega Man fan since the first one, but now I am starting to wonder if I even want to try a new one.

Why is it the same?, May 11, 2002
Reviewer: angie1187 from USA
Well, it's an ok game. But technically, it's been the same thing for years. 2d. Why can't Capcom make it 3d for once? The really good game is MMX4 because they actually have some movies in there. MMX5&6 are almost the exact same think, except the story line. I am a major MMX fan, but Capcom needs to add a little variety. Know what I mean??

The best X game I've ever seen!!!, May 2, 2002
Reviewer: A gamer from Santa Maria, California United States
THis game was said to be one of the worst of the series, but once I got used to it, it was the greatest game. The Nightmare Phenomenon, returning from MegaMan X1, makes a great addition. The armors in this game are stunnig, and the play control is beautiful. I espescially like the introduction. It's music and animation from JPop is wonderful! This is a game for all people, even those who are not familiar with MegaMan!

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