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Madden NFL 2003

Madden NFL 2003 Madden NFL 2003
by Electronic Arts

Platform: PlayStation
ESRB Rating: Everyone
ASIN: B0000690ZS

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• Commentary from Al Michaels and John Madden
• All 32 NFL teams in their re-aligned divisions
• On-field player banter
• Improved crowd reactions
• Unlock teams, stadiums, and bonus features EA's Madden NFL 2003 maintains the series' status as one of the most engaging game franchises ever. This perennial favorite has updated everything from the spanking new venues (including the Seattle Seahawks Stadium) to the ability to now list pre-existing injuries to current players. If you haven't played previous versions, learning all the controls can be a daunting task. You can control everything from calling audibles to throwing a touch or bullet pass--all while the play clock runs down. But half the fun of this game is in the level of detail you can control, including off-season drafts and free-agent signings, game time, weather, and sensitivity to penalties. Madden NFL 2003 has taken video sports gameplay beyond the action on the field--although the gameplay is seamless and the graphics are impressive on the Xbox. They've created a world where you are equally the owner, general manager, coach, and player. The time and attention you must dedicate to creating your team, along with superbly realistic gameplay and sportscasting, immerse you in your team's fate, making the action all the more compelling. --Sung Nicholas Kim Product Description: Madden NFL 2003 features all-new commentary from Al Michaels and John Madden, and all 32 NFL teams in their new realigned divisions. There is up-to-minute stat commentary, on-field player banter, and improved crowd reactions. As you progress, you will unlock teams, stadiums, and bonus features with new-look Madden Cards and an updated Madden Challenge Task. You'll make your playoff run in season and franchise modes, and earn bonus points in the Two-Minute Drill.

From the Manufacturer: NFL football is back, and so is Madden! For the 12th year in a row, Madden NFL Football brings the realism of the pro gridiron right to your fingertips. With all the teams, players, and features that you've come to know and love, Madden puts you right on the field with the big hitters! Play a full season with your favorite team and take them to the Super Bowl, or try the franchise mode and build a dynasty. You can even create teams and players so you can start from scratch! With all-new realistic player animations, Madden Cards, a training mode, and the Two-Minute Drill, Madden truly has it all!

Customer Reviews:
Same Game, August 27, 2002
Reviewer: A gamer from Los Angeles, California
This game is the exact same game as last year. From the main menu to the gameplay. I was shocked how similar Madden 2003 is to 2002. The only thing different is the soundtrack and the addition of the Texans with it's new divisions. You also have rookies in the game like David Carr and Joey Harrington, which 2002 doesn't have. But everthing else is the same. The franchise mode, custom league, season mode, practice, etc.

I often find Madden saying the same sentence three plays in a row, and then not say anything for the rest of the game. Its more like Al Michaels 2003.

It also could be harder. I went 16-0 and won the Super Bowl my first season on All-Madden. I did a Franchise and decided to trade some of my players to other teams only to find out that the computer was incredibly stupid. You can get pretty much anybody you want if you offer them a draft pick.

If I were you, I would buy this game, but make it the last Madden game you buy on playstation one.

New Madden, basically same old game, August 14, 2002
Reviewer: A gamer from In the middle of nowhere
I purchased this game yesterday and after playing it I didn't notice anything different from last year's version, it plays the same. Other than updated rosters, the realigned divisons, a few touched up uniforms like The Redskins and Seahawks have now and the newer stadiums like in New England and Pittsburgh. Call me crazy, but I was sort of disappointed that the new Seahawks Stadium wasn't added! it looks like the one from last year. Al Michaels does the commentary along with Madden this year, which is cool, but could be better. Madden doesn't appear as repetitve (so far anyway) as in 2001 and 2002, but still says some of the same things. All the same options from last year are still there, including Madden Classic mode again with the old 16 bit version which may have been a nice little touch last year but I didn't care at all seeing it in this game again, it looks exactly the same as well. It's still a good game, but I seemed to expect a bit more from what is probably the last of Madden on PSone, but I suppose this is as good as it gets, depending on NFL Gameday 2003. I recommend it if you don't already own 2002. If you do, then rent this one out first and see if it's worth the 40 bucks.

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