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Driver 2

Driver 2 Driver 2
by Infogrames Entertainment

Platform: PlayStation
ESRB Rating: Teen
ASIN: B00004ZCP0

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• Play as undercover cop Tanner
• Infiltrate crime rings by using your driving skills and cunning
• 4 new, realistic cities--Las Vegas, Havana, Rio de Janeiro, and Chicago
• Features curved road systems, proper sliproad/exit-ramp system, and greater variety of vehicles
• Split-screen multiplayer modes Fine-tuning the white-knuckled car chase formula of its predecessor, Driver 2 features more of the same high-speed, inner-city vehicular mayhem, and casts players once again as Tanner, a hard-boiled undercover cop who's posing as a badass getaway driver--this time, to stop an international mob war.

With computer-animated cinematic sequences doing the lion's share of the storytelling, players must guide Tanner through more than 40 action-packed missions in four different city settings, this time on foot--which primarily allows Tanner to carjack other vehicles--as well as behind the wheel.

While it can be of a lot of fun to play, Driver 2 is no joy ride. The missions can be quite unforgiving and require many restarts to complete, and the cops are quite determined--even at the "Easy" setting. Also, the game's coarse, choppy 3-D graphics often get in the way of things, with slowdowns disrupting the game's pace, and buildings and such popping up out of nowhere. --Joe Hon

Drive like a bat out of hell in four different city settings
Action now takes place on foot, as well as behind the wheel
One- and two-player minigames add replay value
"Film director" option lets players edit their own car-chase sequences

Missions can be quite unforgiving--requiring many restarts to complete
Coarse, choppy 3-D graphics make gameplay more difficult than it needs to be

Manufacturer's Description: When a U.S. crime lord's bookkeeper, Pink Lenny, cuts a deal with a rival Brazilian gangster, undercover cop Tanner and his partner Jones work to defuse it. They realize that Pink Lenny's deal unsettles the underworld's balance of power in the Brazilian's favor.

In a variety of missions that are set in Havana, Las Vegas, Rio de Janeiro, and Chicago, you'll go deep undercover as a wheelman for hire. During the course of the game, you'll need to disrupt contraband shipments, double-cross gangsters, and capture the bookkeeper to avert an all-out gang war.

From the Manufacturer: You are the wheelman! As a cop deep undercover posing as a getaway driver for hire you must infiltrate a massive crime ring spanning four cities! New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Miami-all with real landmarks, working traffic systems, pedestrians, motorists, and cops on patrol. True to life driving physics and obstacles-from the creators of Destruction Derby 1 and 2! Revolutionary Director Mode lets you film and edit your own high speed car chase films!

Customer Reviews:
To put it nicely- rubbish, December 11, 2002
Reviewer: Jonty
Driver (the first 1) was one of the best games of 1999 so it was understandable that a follow up would be made. It's just such a shame that Driver 2 wasn't nearly as good as the first one or for that matter any, any other game for the PSone in 2000.

For a start the graphics are horrendous! They compare to the likes of the first Playstation games made- it just doesn't look real at all!

Secondly, the missions are way too hard! Unless you're a games expert you'll find even the easiest mission here hard and boring.

Thirdly, the gameplay isn't very smooth and when there's more things around you (e.g. cars and policemen), your car moves slower.

Lastly, the game is unrealistic in a bad way. You can't run people over and the Police are just stupid! Another incredibly false thing that takes place is you can often go for miles on a main road and not come near another car!

The only thing I'd say is enjoyable about Driver 2 is just "Taking A Ride" around Chicago and seeing how fast you can ram into another car. If you're looking for a PSone 'car' game then buy the original Driver. If you're looking for any car game then definitely get 'Vice City' instead.

GREAT GAME!!!!!!!!!!!!, November 17, 2002
Reviewer: pointe_girl from Wayne Ohio
Attention all game freaks! This game rules, seriously, it is awesome! Worth every cent! I could play this game all day, or even forever! Yes, the graphics [stink], but the greatness of the game TOTALLY makes up for the [poor] graphics. You get to drive around, steal cars, school buses, trucks, firetrucks, and if you are lucky, you will be able to steal police cars.You can also ramp bridges, totally insane! I dont understand why it is rated teen though, because if your kid knows good enough not to steal cars, then this game will not do any harm, its great!

Good, November 16, 2002
Reviewer: A gamer
This movie is good, but why do I keep crashing:

Decent, yet repetitive game, November 10, 2002
Reviewer: Matthew K. Minerd from Connellsville, PA USA
Driver 2 is a semi-realistic driving simulation game. It has an okay story-line, but really wears down after so long. The gameplay becomes very limited as time wears on. Running from police officers, escaping from your car, finding a new car, and getting in trouble with the law again only can provide fun for a limited amount of time. This game is a good stress reliever when you are tired of constant thoughts and concerns. It does give you a quick fix to end your stress for a little while. It functions the same to briefly interrupt boredom. However, the game doesn't have much lasting replay value. For this reason, I only recommend it if you can buy it without hurting your wallet substantially.

not a good game, November 1, 2002
Reviewer: A gamer
I thought this would be awesome, being able to get out of your car, multiplayer, and more.. but after about twenty minutes of play time, the crappy grahpics and other things started getting on my nerves. Then, not so long after that I saw gta 3 being played at a friends house (i got driver 2 a while ago as u can see). Even since then, I couldn't play driver 2 without thinking of how much better a game was out there, that you could do a thousand times more in. Of course, you have to get a ps2 to play gta 3, but trust me, it's worth it. Especially since gta vice city is coming out soon. Ps2 is definately the way to go.

The GTA3 of PS1, mabye, October 27, 2002
Reviewer: musiqstar87 from Huntington WV, USA
Driver 2 is a pretty good, well designed game that fits the same sort of steoriotype that GTA3 used. Except, Driver 2 has many, many, flaws. First of all, it's just to darn hard, some of these goals, like 'Stop The Truck' in Havena, were so nerve racking i didn't want to touch the game for months. Another flaw is that you cannot have any weapons, you cannot have any cheats to access all the cities, and you cannot really go much of anywhere except the same area of a city.

Even with its MANY flaws, Driver 2 is still better than those early GTA's, isn't it? With a very challening Undercover mode, a Free Ride mode, and multi-player games with split screens, Driver 2 is a decent game for PS1 that will keep you occupied for a while.

Real Good And Fun!!!!!!!!!!!, October 15, 2002
Reviewer: genie from Puerto Rico, USA
This game is real good. Some parts are hard, but with pacience and skill they'll be pass. Maybe if you don't know how to drive may be difficult at first. The best thing in this game is that you will be able to do whatever you want. You can steal cars, scare people, destroy and feel that you are better than the cops when you get lost. The people that don't like this game is because they like easy games for littles. If you want to feel free and bad in streets buy this and you will see.

this game is the funiest game ever., September 2, 2002
Reviewer: Pattie A. Rybak from Reno, NV United States
this game was awesome. you get to steal cars and all that junk. its ... awesome. this is taners biggest hit yet well in tell driver 3 comes out for ps2. info grames did agreat job making this game i mean i am 14 and i thought it was better than grand theft auto 1 2 and 3.

"dont forget your permit", September 1, 2002
Reviewer: lazy1uno from Covington, WA United States
this guy has no lisence...but he knows how to drive like a psycho

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