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Roadsters Roadsters

Platform: PlayStation
ESRB Rating: Everyone
ASIN: B0000206HB

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Product Description: Nothing compares to enjoying the open road in a luxury convertible. Crisp mountain air streaming through one's hair, window-free views of gorgeous natural vistas zipping by, fellow roadsters just inches away from your slick paint job as the metallic mass negotiates a hairpin curve at breakneck speeds. Yep, nothing like it at all.

Far from the traditional racing game, Roadsters combines fast racing action with the ability to bet on races and trade cars. Wrangling cash out of fellow racers allows one to upgrade to progressively beefier vehicles and enter more demanding competitions.

The game features four modes of play: trophy, multiplayer (up to two players), quick race, and time trial. Roadsters introduces 10 unique tracks, ranging from oceanside highways to mountain passes, each with unpredictable local weather conditions. With more than 30 convertibles to choose from and a variety of engine configurations and modifiable parts, Roadsters is the ultimate way to drive topless. --Eric Twelker

Customer Reviews:
"Dont [spend] your Money", August 29, 2002
Reviewer: Adam F Nelson from La mesa, Ca United States
I fell into the huge mistake of looking at the cover of"Roadsers"and thinking it might be cool!WRONG!When I finally recieved this game for the PS1,I put it in my playstation,and was let down right away!!!!The visuals "[stink]",and are horrible to watch!The game play is about as fun as watching flys on the wall!I for sure regret this purchase!What ever you do,dont fall in the same mistake I made,purchase"NFS High Stakes",or"Test Drive Le Mans"if you want a good racing title!

Customer Fun Rating, June 1, 2000
Reviewer: A gamer from Litchfield Minnesota
This is one of the best games. You can pick from a lot of cool and dreamy convertables. The game has 10 killer tracks to race on. This a racing game for any racing fan.

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