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NBA ShootOut 2002

NBA ShootOut 2002 NBA ShootOut 2002
by Sony Computer Entertainment

Platform: PlayStation
ESRB Rating: Everyone

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• Newly refined artificial intelligence
• Simplified player controls
• Create your own player and customize with 30 attributes
• More than 100 hours of play-by-play
• Team-specific playbooks Product Description: NBA ShootOut 2002 features newly refined artificial intelligence with players that better capitalize on your mistakes. Rebounding is more aggressive, and players will scramble faster for loose balls, get into position quickly, and take the open shot the moment your defenses break down. You now have 18 one-touch player controls that allow you to execute on instinct. Bring up the auto defend to buy some thinking time, drive the lane with advanced dribbling control, or call a screen with icon screening. You can run the floor with simple controls or utilize more advanced features like icon passing and alley-oop teamwork.

Create your own player and customize 30 attributes to put yourself or anybody you want in the game. Modify animation styles and create a dunk just for your player. There are more than 100 hours of play-by-play and analysis from New Jersey Nets broadcaster Ian Eagle, plus more camera angles and close-up shots. The game also features team-specific playbooks, and more than 500 plays designed by top NBA players, including Chris Webber, Jason Kidd, Charles "Bo" Outlaw, Nick Van Exel, and more. Players will be dazzled by authentic NBA players, animation, and arenas. More than 1,000 animations, including 60 signature dunks, bring all the players of every NBA team to life.

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