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Triple Play 2000

Triple Play 2000 Triple Play 2000
by Electronic Arts

Platform: PlayStation
ESRB Rating: Everyone
ASIN: B000038IA5

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GameSpot Review: Electronic Arts' Triple Play 99 was regarded by most critics as the premiere baseball simulation for the PlayStation. But most of those same critics ( included) will also tell you that the game suffered from problems ranging from a poor framerate to some sticky gameplay issues. These problems narrowed the appeal from fans of arcade-style baseball to those who could appreciate the game simply for the sport. EA has clearly addressed the graphic and gameplay issues in Triple Play 2000 and tried to make it more suitable for fans of arcade-style baseball games without losing too much of the simulation aspect.

Some of the new features that add more of a fun feel to the game include sprinting for fielders and base runners. So, now, when you pound the X button, the players actually run faster. When fielding a hit, you now have the option to use a standard throw to ensure that the ball reaches its destination, or a power throw that propels the ball faster but with less accuracy. The batting has also been redone - it lets you swing under or over the pitch, so you can try for a pop-up or do your best to keep the ball on the ground. This selection is simply accomplished by either holding the up or down buttons when swinging the bat. You can also change the angle at which your batter faces the pitcher so you can pull the ball. Add all these new features to last year's standard/power-swing option, and you're looking at a whole lot of control over your batters. All this control also lets you adjust your batting style to the situation, try for base hits, sacrifice, or simply hit the ball as far as you possibly can. With all this in the game, you feel as if you win games for a reason, not just because you timed your swings better than your opponent did.

Triple Play 2000 still includes all the usual options that you've come to expect from a fully licensed baseball game: real teams, real players, real stadiums, and MLB stats. You're given the choice of playing a season, single game, home-run challenge, or the playoffs. Rounding out the game's features is the ability to create and trade players.

The sound effects and music of Triple Play 2000 add a bit of quirkiness and fun to the game. But since this year's game is presented in Dolby Surround, anyone with surround sound will be in for a treat. Sound effects, such as an over-exaggerated crack of the bat and the whoosh of the ball when you connect with a pitch, bounce flawlessly from one speaker to the next. I could have done without the slide whistle that sounds off nearly every time a foul ball is hit into the stands. I really enjoyed the two-man announce team last year, but this year the commentary seems a little drier. The announcing is generally good, though the game does have one or two phrases that are a bit on the amateur side, such as the all encompassing and extremely silly, "Play made!" Comments from the crowd like, "You're in the show, show me something" also add to the baseball atmosphere. But by far the most impressive audio element in the game is the little song excerpt that comes on when a home-team batter steps up to the plate.

Visually, Triple Play 2000 is quite nice. The 3D stadiums are represented fairly accurately and the players look and move real enough. The most impressive visual aspect of the game is its animation. The players run, jump, and dive realistically. The framerate this year has been dramatically improved over last year's Triple Play, and the camera is also pretty sweet. You can set it at three different positions when batting and fielding. But in not-so-key moments (like after you've thrown the ball in from the outfield or when a ball in motion is bound to go foul or over the wall), the camera changes to a dramatic angle. These angles give the game a real broadcast baseball-game look. The angles also show off the game's facial animations: You'll see Mark McGwire jump up and down after he's launched one out of the park, or the mug of the not-so-happy pitcher who served him the fat pitch.

When you take a look back and compare Triple Play 2000 with the previous Triple Play, there's really no question which one is better. At first, though, I did miss the serious simulation feel of Triple Play 99, and the quirky sound effects in TP2K made me unhappy. But then I put in Triple Play 99 and was quickly reminded of the low framerate, and then I thought those quirky sound effects in TP2K weren't all that bad. Overall, Triple Play 2000 is a welcome addition to the PlayStation baseball lineup that everyone, even those who weren't fans of previous Triple Play games, should check out. --Ryan Mac Donald

Customer Reviews:
Great Game, August 24, 2001
Reviewer: baseballextra from At my computer table
If you'rer looking for a great baseball game, choose any of the Triple Plays. I am rating the computer game here. Triple Play 2000 lets you create player, manage teams, play games, have homerun derbies, play or simulate seasons, play playoffs, a network game, and the graphics are pretty good. Choose from any of the 30 stadiums (as of 1999) and the broadcasters are Buck Martinez and Jim Houston. Choose Triple Play.

Solid game overall, but......, June 19, 2001
Reviewer: F. Farmer from Aberdeen, WA USA
The gameplay is fun and pretty realistic if not totally true to life. The graphics are great, and the commentary is entertaining. The problem with this game is the computer AI. Often the opposing team can't seem to drive in runs unless they jack one out of the park. Also it is far too easy to hit. I constantly end games with 20+ hits and that takes away from the authenticity of the game. Another problem is that There are not enough options. After you're done with a season there really isn't much else to do. The game could definately use a franchise mode similar to the Madden football . series. If it had that this game would get 5 stars

Pro's: Fun gameplay Great graphics Nice commentary

Cons: AI could be upgraded Needs a franchise mode

Baseball?, February 22, 2001
Reviewer: rjjays from Gig Harbor, WA USA
When my parents got me my playstation I got Triple Play 200 and NHL 99. I never would have bought it but until I got Driver It was the best game in the whole world. If you're bored you can pick it up on a rainy day and play forever.

Buy it for your own good.

This is Not Baseball, August 31, 2000
Reviewer: Mike Goetsch from Enfield, CT
Yeah the title is right. This is Power Baseball. I nearly see 2 HRs a game at least. I like playing games that are real. Baseball is a lot different than this game. It is no fun at all. I wish I can see a game that actually has realistic baseball. You know the one that you don't score all of your runs off of homeruns. In this game there hardly is a Pitching rotation. Your Pitcher can basicaly pitch every 2 games. So do not buy this game.

A good buy for all baseball fans, August 18, 2000
Reviewer: Thomas Søby from Copenhagen, Denmark
The Triple Play 2000 by EA Sports is a good buy.

Baseball is of course baseball which means that the rules are the same as in baseball. But the game has a lot of very fine features.

The graphics are great. There is a good view of the different stadiums, the players are hitting and running in a realistic way.

The sounds are also very good, and the commentators seems to be some of the best compared to other games from EA Sports.

You have a lot of opportunities in this game. You can play a single game of one inning if you wants to, or you can play an entire season with playoffs and everything. If you want a short cut you can simply start by playing the play offs.

Trading players is well organised and very straight forward - so its easy even to a beginner.

The final words: A good buy whether you are a baseball fan or just a person who finds baseball interesting.

not very fun, July 18, 2000
Reviewer: A gamer from MASSACHUSETTS
I liked the graphics for triple play 2000 but the game itself is so bad that its frustrating.After playing a few games of this I decided id have more fun playing MlLB 98. With the MLB series for Playstation I dont know why any one would get this. This or Highheat baseball is te worst baseball series for the Playstation.

Way Too Easy, June 22, 2000
Reviewer: A gamer from North Dighton
This game is fun,but way too easy.I have played about 42 games in a 60 game season,and Nomar Garciaparra has already hit 40 homeruns.In a 162 game season he would be on pace for 143 homeruns.I played a game yesterday,and I won 44-0 without cheating.I just couldn't stop hitting.I've won every game except 1.That 1 game was simulated by accident.If your looking for a challenge,this game is not the place to get one

at times extremely fun, but a tad bit unrealistic, June 21, 2000
Reviewer: A gamer from NYC
TP 2000 is an all-around solid baseball game. The graphics are life-like and the players' movement is realistic enough. I used to play Hardball on a PC and am probably a little spoiled when it comes to managerial control, etc. because of it. I don't like the fact that you can not modify an existing player or when you create a player you have no limits as to how good you can make them (also I was annoyed with the rating of "Awesome" given to a player who has a higher than 90% rating in a given category). The game play itself is good but has a few annoying characteristics. The thing that bugs me the most is that the Computer, if put in a situation with men on base (which is all the time), will throw an insane amount of pick-offs. It really disrupts the game play because you will chop at anything the pitcher throws to the plate just so you don't have to sit through 5 more pick-off attempts. If that happened in a real game, the fans would riot. The capper, is when the Computer eventually picks off your man on first, which there is a good chance that that will happen at least once a game (sometimes twice, or three times). .......... The way the pitching is set up is silly: pressing X for a strike and O for a ball. They should just do what Hardball does and have a cross-hair that is easier to control the better the pitcher is. The homerun derby is a joke: on the easiest level, I have hit over 100 homeruns, at the hardest, the Computer opponent will just rock you by 40 or more. I would like to see them set up a tourney like they do for real, with a more realistic number of homers. The distances on most of the homeruns are ridiculously high (550 and what not). They also need to work on the instant replay: too basic. I'm glad that I bought the game, but really hope they make an effort to simulate the game of baseball further and not do more arcade-style action in 2001, which I am tempted to buy.

FUN BUT EASY, May 6, 2000
Reviewer: A gamer from North Platte, Nebraska
This is a very good baseball game, but it is easy to hit homers, there is little competition (once u play it for a while) and it is kind of annoying having to tap the button to steal and try to hit at the same time. thats why it only gets 3 stars from me. It is still a very good baseball game.

A great game for any baseball fan., March 8, 2000
Reviewer: A gamer from LittleRock, Arkansas
Triple play 2000 is a great game for you wether you are a die hard fan or just got interested in it. It has exeptional graphics good gameplay and for the first time ever inerleague play. But thier are a few miner problems like easy homeruns and you cannot sign players. And thats why I gave it a four.

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